Jenelle Evans Tears after New Business Venture Goes Through


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Teen MomJenelle Evans, a former student of SewSewYou, posted a heartbreaking video this week revealing that her clothing line collaboration has been cancelled due to some of her controversial comments. Evans posted this: TikTok videoWeeping over the news that the partnership was dissolved due to “haters.” “Been crying all morning,”She captioned it. “Sorry to let everyone’s hopes up but SewSew You has dropped me because of haters.”

She continued the clip with a longer YouTube version titled “Who #Cancelled Me?”Evans, who was recently LeBron James was attacked on Twitter over his comments regarding the Kyle Rittenhouse trialShe claimed that she “haters”It was decided to begin a “hate campaign”She sent her a lot of messages, along with articles about her past divisive actions. In return, the company decided that she would no longer be able to sell her clothing. “They came back and said, ‘no,’ we’re not working with you,”Evans claims Evans was told by the company in the video that they had learned about her past. “Long story short they said they don’t have the capacity to handle all these hate emails,”She continued.

Prior to the bad news, the reality TV star promoted the line via multiple posts on her social media accounts. “… Everything out the door. I’ve been working on this since December 2020 and it sucks that people are bringing up the past,”She stated, it was becoming emotional. “Nothing I did recently. It’s always the past. No one gives me a chance to talk now. They just care about what was said in the past.”

“I’ve been trying so hard not to cry, been trying so hard to stay strong… I’ve changed. I think I’m a good person. I think I deserve opportunities… my feelings are hurt,”Evans continued before adding that she was closing. “needs a few days to think about things… stay off line… stop reading comments.”In her Instagram Story, she wrote that she was planning to spend some time away. “My mental health is number 1. Honestly I’m so depressed I need time away from social media. Pray for me, thanks.”

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