Jenna Bush Haer, co-host on ‘Today Show’, doesn’t want her children to send Santa’s lists to their kids.


Jenna Bush Hager is keeping her Christmas traditions reigned in with her and husband Henry Hager’s three children – Mila, 9, Poppy, 7, and Hal, 3. The TODAYHoda Koutb asked show anchor why she didn’t want her children to make a Santa Claus gift list. Hoda explained that it was not in her best interest. “more into experiences”As a “fun trip or concert”Wrapped presents are better than those under the tree. 

Bush Hager, a parent, shared the subject of holiday disappointment with her parents. “all about expectation”in her family. “We got to go see Santa and sit on his lap and see Mrs. Claus and Henry said, ‘Should the kids write a list?’ and I’m like, ‘No, because I don’t want them to think that Santa is definitely going to bring all 10 presents,'”She elaborated. “Once you get into the lists, then it’s multiple things. We’ve lowered it a little bit.”

Kotb agreed and shared the wonderful advice she received from a parent. “She said, ‘Part of our job as parents is preparing our children for disappointment,'”She remembered. “I feel like we’re all fixes.”Although Bush Hager’s children may not have made a Santa list, Mila is getting a big gift. 

“I think we’re going to be adopting a little kitten,”She shared. “Don’t tell. Mila wants to name her Hollywood Hager and call her Holly.”The mother-of-3 added the idea of welcoming a third member of their family to their home. “She’s ready. She wants that responsibility. She just can’t wait.”

Bush Hager’s eldest daughter proved she was just as ready to be photographed during last week’s event TODAYShow lineup. She surprised her mother with a hilarious confession on-air while she was on Christmas break. “One time [Mom] was laughing in our living room and she peed her pants. And you changed your pajamas!”Mila revealed the shocking news to Kotb, much surprise to her mom. 

“I love her so much but it’s time for her to go because she’s already dropped one truth bomb, so who knows what’s coming,”Bush Hager said as he rushed the little one onto the stage while Kotb pleaded with him for one last drop of dirt. “She never wears underwear,” Mila obliged. “She’s not wearing it right now. I saw her change.”

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