Jenna Dewan & Everly: The bonding experience of giving back


“I have worked with [Baby2Baby] for a while, so I have seen firsthand the families that they are serving,”Dewan added. “And to really see the look of gratitude and how many lives are being changed by what Baby2Baby is doing and who they’re serving…it’s really life-changing.”

“We take little basic needs and items for granted as parents,”She continued. “There are families and mothers and fathers out there that are unable to provide for their kids with basic essential needs. It’s heartbreaking. And then to see an incredible organization like Baby2Baby that then provides that to them free of all costs and in an easy way just was pretty mind-blowing the first time I saw it in action and saw the look on these kids’ and the family’s faces.”

Dewan also spoke about Baby2Baby and how she will be reprising Lucy Lane’s role on the second season. Superman & Lois. She was Lois Lane’s sister, as fans will recall. Supergirl

“I have I always loved playing Lucy Lane, and I always wanted to continue,”Dewan added. “And a lot of people would ask me, ‘What happened to Lucy? What’s going on with her story?'”

She wrote the following on Instagram Stories, shortly after the news broke: “No one is more excited than me to be back playing Lucy.”

– Reporting Spencer Lubitz