Jennifer Aniston Backs the ‘Nose Vacuum Trend’


Jennifer Aniston has a reputation for being a trend setter. One of her most famous fashion statements is the one she made. Friends—short black tops with black skirts, animal prints, and the slip dress, just to name a few—to the “Rachel”Aniston knows how to start trends, even her hairstyle. Only this time, she’s supporting a new trend that’s already been made famous on TikTok: the nose vacuum.

Aniston recently sat with AllureTake a look at some TikTok trend photos. The actress is asked first about the nose vacuum, which clears blackheads using a pore vacuum. Aniston quickly accepts the trend, even though it seems new to her.

The actress is seen looking at a video that a TikTok user calls “The Actress.” “sucking the blackheads out of my nose with a … pore vacuum????”Aniston is instantly intrigued.

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“Nose vacuum. Oh my goodness,”The actress remarks. “Blackhead … OK. This is something I could probably really get into and enjoy doing. Because who doesn’t love that?”

Aniston makes a good point. Who doesn’t love getting rid of their blackheads? From nose strips to gels and all types of facial masks, there’s a variety of options for getting rid of these problematic blemishes. A vacuum that just sucks the blackheads off your face? Um, yes, please!

Blackheads can be removed by the latest trend

TikTok continues with the statement that “the directions on the box say to use it immediately after washing your face.”It is believed that washing your face with warm water or washing it off before using helps loosen blackheads.

Aniston begins to read the instructions at this point. She starts by saying, “The directions on the box say that you…” Then the actress quickly trails off to try the nose vacuum that’s sitting just a few feet away.

Aniston instantly falls in love when she grabs the nose-vacuum. “Can I take this home?”The actress questions the crew. “I wanna do this.”The nose vacuum is then explored in greater detail. 

Aniston looks at the device and asks her, “Can you go up in speed … I mean, in pressure? Yes, you can,”She replies, happy to discover that the pressure is increasing.

Aniston, after trying out the latest device, gives the nose vacuum two thumbs-up. “This is exciting. I support this trend,”She made the comment.

Turns out, Aniston isn’t the only one to put their seal of approval on the nose vacuum. TikTokers to dermatologistsThis product is the next big thing.

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