Jennifer Garner After a Road Trip, Jennifer Garner Unloads Her Purse


Most moms understand that when you travel long distances, your purse can quickly become a black hole. Jennifer Garner recently shared her bag with her followers in an Instagram video. We have to say, her purse gave Mary Poppins’ bag a run for its money!

Jennifer Garner shows off her bottomless purse

Jennifer Garner, in a new video on Instagram, reminds us that she is the most relatable celebrity. Garner’s videos on gardening, cooking, and motherhood have earned her a large social media following over the years. In a new captioned video, she stayed true to her theme. “What’s In My Bag: Holiday Travel Edition.”

She began the video by admitting she did not know what she was getting herself into, cleaning out her purse. “This bag just got out of the car after a road trip with three kids. I have no idea what’s in here,”She explained. First, she pulled out a Rat-a-Tat Cat card game—perfect for entertaining kids during those hours on the road. Similar to the above, she also found a small squishy toys.

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That’s when her stash got a lot sweeter. After declaring her love, she found a Twix bar that was already opened. “Lucky day!”That decision is supported by us wholeheartedly. She also found a bag containing chargers. This proves that she is prepared for anything. She also found a deck, loose charger wire and small bags of trail mix.

Jennifer Garner Proves We’re All Living The Same Life

She continued the video by looking for a bra and a pair of shoes. “drugstore reading glasses,”The package contained a packet Liquid IV, a pencil sharpener and two Mentos open packets. Additionally, Garner was able to find more practical items, such as a pen and room keys. However, for the grand finale, Garner pulled out a handful of loose M&Ms and a plastic fork. Of course, she proceeded to scoop up her M&Ms with the plastic fork for a quick snack.

Of course, that still wasn’t everything. Some of our favorite items that didn’t get a call out but were seen in the video included an envelope, sunglasses, face masks, bookmarks, a fluffy pink scrunchy, multiple sanitary wipes, and a packet of Emergen-C.

It’s like Garner was going through every mom’s purse after a long road trip. However, considering all of the candy and card games, Garner has proven that she’s the perfect companion for a long drive. We hope she was able inspire others as the holidays are just beginning!

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