Jennifer Garner Allegedly Furious At How Much Ben Affleck Spends Upon Jennifer Lopez. Dubious Source Says


Is it? Jennifer LopezTearing Ben AffleckAnd Jennifer Garner apart? One report says Affleck’s expensive gifts for Lopez are driving his friend and co-parent up the wall. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Ben Blows Big Dough’

Friends of Ben Affleck seem to be starting to worry about Affleck’s large-ticket gifts. The National EnquirerAccording to reports, Affleck’s wealth is being threatened by private jets and expensive vacations. Garner, according to the outlet, is unhappy about it. A source says, “Jen’s worry is he’s spending way too much money to impress his girlfriend, and she hates the idea of him being taken advantage of.”

While Garner may seem respectful of the two in public, that’s only to keep up appearances, the insider adds. Affleck is only worth a reported $150 million, so his friends are worried that he’s spending his money too recklessly, they continue. “There is a growing view Ben’s living beyond his means right now, and the amount of cash flying out of his account isn’t matching what’s coming in,”According to the tipter.

It doesn’t matter that Garner and Affleck are split up. An insider says, “Jen still feels the need to look out for Ben the way she did when they were married.” Unfortunately, the source concludes, Affleck doesn’t seem to notice or care about how much cash he’s spending.

What’s Going On With Ben Affleck’s Spending?

For Pete’s sake, Ben Affleck’s not going broke. He’s got Justice LeagueEvery month, he receives royalty checks and is regularly getting work in high-profile areas. He’s producing numerous projects, starring in many more, and has decades of cash saved up. His next check for The FlashThese vacations are worth the price of their own merit.

Affleck, it seems, is paying the entire bill. Jennifer Lopez is a multimillionaire and can afford to buy her own clothes. The Inquire tries to handwave $150 million like it’s nothing at all. Everyone is extremely wealthy and does not have to worry about money.

Jennifer Garner doesn’t see Lopez as a gold-digging Jezebel. Gossip CopAlready uncovered a story very similar to this one Neue Idea. It was claimed Garner was mad at Affleck for buying her a new house. Garner lives in her mansion, which she paid for. Alias money. Try as tabloids might, there’s no sign that Garner and Lopez have anything but mutual respect for one another. Lopez and Garner even got togetherLast year, trick-or treat.

Other Garner Affleck Gossip

One time, this outlet claimed Ben Affleck shouted at Jennifer Garner. It did not happen. It also revealed that Garner was melting down as Lopez and Affleck were engaged. They’re not engaged and she’s doing fine. This mountain of false stories only proves that they are not engaged. InquireIt is not to be believed. This is just a lazy and sexist story.

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