Jennifer Garner Allegedly Furious Over Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez’s $67M Mansion, Unverified Insider Says


It is Jennifer GarnerIt is easy to get irritated. Ben Affleck‘s new living quarters? One tabloid claims Affleck’A new “love nest”His family is having problems with Jennifer Lopez’s purchase of her. Let’s see how Garner feels about Affleck and Lopez’s new digs.

Jennifer Garner ‘Furious’Ben Affleck

The most recent edition of A New Idea reports Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s latest move isn’t sitting well with the Deep Water star’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. Affleck and Lopez recently dropped a reported $67 million on a new Bel Air mansion, and sources say Garner is worried the purchase could affect her and Affleck’s custody arrangement. Garner was the primary caregiver for their three children. Alias actress is apparently concerned that the kids will like Affleck’s new house more than hers.

“She’s going to have a hard time competing with a palatial mansion,”An insider’s view. “The kids are old enough that Jen wants them to make their own choices, not swayed by luxury.” The source explains that Garner and Affleck’s children didn’t really enjoy spending too much time with their busy dad before now, but his new house might change that. “It’s looking more and more likely that Jen is going to have to grit her teeth and bear it, but she’s far from happy,”The snitch is over.

How Is Ben Affleck’s ‘Lavish Love Nest’?

This is an extremely disrespectful report. The outlet has no problem speculating about Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s family and even asserts that Affleck’s children didn’t enjoy spending time with him. This notion is very hurtful and we don’t have any reason to believe it. We’re sure neither Garner nor anyone in her family is dishing her alleged secret fears to the tabloids, so we can automatically disregard this story.

While Lopez and Affleck’s new digs are impressive, it’s odd to suggest Garner’s own home doesn’t compare. This year, Garner was the one to tear down her multi-million dollar home.It was reconstructed according to her specifications. Her estate is as beautiful as we can see from the video Garner posted to Instagram.

The Tabloid on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

We have a difficult time buying anything. A New Idea The outlet writes about Ben Affleck as well Jennifer Lopez. The outlet reported last May Lopez and Affleck had already been engaged. The magazine then claimed that Affleck was angry at Garner’s engagement. Affleck was also alleged to have been seen with Lopez fighting in public. Obviously, A New Idea isn’t the most reliable source when it comes to Affleck and Lopez.

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