Jennifer Garner, allegedly raging over Ben Affleck spending millions on Jennifer Lopez, setting bad example, dubious rumors claim


It is Jennifer GarnerFurious about Ben Affleck‘s latest purchase with Jennifer Lopez? Several rumors have said that Garner believes her ex-husband is setting a bad example for their children. Let’We’d love to check in on your blended family.

Jennifer Garner Angry at New Mansion

This month, Neue Idea reported Jennifer Garner was seething over Ben Affleck’s new Bel-Air digs. Affleck has reportedly spent $67million on a Bel Air estate with Jennifer Lopez. Sources claimed that Garner’s custody arrangements could be impacted by Affleck’s purchase of the Bel Air mansion. “She’s going to have a hard time competing with a palatial mansion,”Insiders reveal. “The kids are old enough that Jen wants them to make their own choices, not swayed by luxury.”

However, we quickly criticized this shocking story. This magazine didn’t really know what was going on in the Garner-Affleck household, so it was just wrong to speculate about their children. Besides, Garner has her own multimillion-dollar mansion that she shares with her children, so we just found it bizarre that Affleck’s home would create any tension. According to what we could see, the exes got along fine.

Garner Upset Over Ben Affleck’s Spending?

Next, the National Enquirer reported that it was actually Affleck’s lavish lifestyle that was upsetting Garner. Evidently, the Adam ProjectThe actress was concerned that Lopez’s ex-husband was living beyond his means to impress her. “She hates the idea of him being taken advantage of,”One tipster was enthused. “The amount of cash flying out of his account isn’t matching what’s coming in… Jen still feels the need to look out for Ben the way she did when they were married.”

This story was full of holes. While lavish gifts and vacations certainly aren’t cheap, we seriously doubted that Affleck’s $150 million net worth was sweating it. Affleck is not the only one responsible for paying for these things, which was quite sexist. With Lopez’s estimated $400 million net worth, we’re sure she isn’t shy about footing the bill from time to time.

Garner Worried About Ben Affleck’s Bad Example?

Finally, Life & Style reported Garner was simply upset by the principle of Affleck’s big purchase. Apparently, Garner wanted her kids to live a more grounded lifestyle, and Affleck’s new taste for luxury was sending the “wrong message”To their children. “They got into a heated argument, and Jen basically told him that $50M is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on property, even by Hollywood standards,”The snitch whispered. “She feels J.Lo is turning Ben into a greedy person.”

But once again, we just weren’t believing that this outlet would know Garner’s personal feelings about anything—especially when it comes to her children. The actress is notorious for keeping the paparazzi out of her family life, so this story just didn’t add up. Furthermore, we had to remind readers once again that Garner isn’t exactly living cheap. The actress recently had her multi-million dollar home torn down and rebuilt to her exact specifications, so it isn’t like Garner is afraid to spend a bit on her home. With Lopez and Affleck’s engagement, however, we don’t think this narrative will slow down any time soon.