Jennifer Garner Allegedly Upset With Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez’s Prenup Situation, Anonymous Source Claims


It is Jennifer GarnerAngry? Ben AffleckAnd Jennifer Lopez‘s prenup negotiations? One tabloid claims that tensions are high right now in the blended family. Let’s take a closer look at how Garner is handling Affleck’s engagement news.

Ben Affleck Addresses The ‘Prenup From Hell’?

This week Touch According to reports, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been trying to reach an iron-clad prenup. Things are getting heated. In 2003, tabloids reported that Lopez and Affleck were at odds over their prenuptial agreements. Now that they are going to the altar again, with a lot more money in their hands, sources claim that old issues have resurfaced. “Everything is getting looked over with a fine-tooth comb,”An insider’s note “And there have been arguments.”

But sources say that the one most concerned is Affleck’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. “Jen has already expressed concern to Ben about their kids’ financial future and keeping it secure,”The tipster adds. “She doesn’t want him making a bad deal just because he’s a fool in love right now.”Lopez wants to protect her assets so the pressure is on. “The objective is to iron out a prenup without anyone’s feelings being hurt,”The snitch notes. “If they can’t do that, they may not make it to the altar again.”

Jennifer Garner Is Unhappy with Engagement?

This story is silly. First, the prenuptial arrangements Ben Affleck or Jennifer Lopez are currently working on will be highly confidential. If they are even working on a prenup, we’re sure they’re keeping all of the details between them and their lawyers, so it’s a bit ridiculous to even pretend to have any private insight into it. But we also aren’t buying the outlet’s claims about Jennifer Garner.

While it would be totally in her rights to want to protect her kids’ financial future, she has always maintained that Affleck is a great dad. We’re sure she doesn’t think Affleck would put their children in jeopardy, even for Lopez. But we are also sure that Lopez isn’t after Affleck’s money. Affleck is about two times as rich as Lopez, with an estimated net worth of $400 million. While they are both insanely rich, it’s clear that Lopez is the one with more to lose if she and Affleck divorce. This story seems a little out of touch overall.

The Tabloid On Ben Affleck

Naturally In Touch isn’t the most reliable source when it comes to Ben Affleck. The outlet reported that Affleck and Lopez had been engaged almost a year ago. The magazine then claimed that Affleck was close to relapse. The publication then claimed Lopez was in a hurry marry Affleck before Garner married Garner. Clearly, In Touch doesn’t have any real insight into Ben Affleck’s personal life.