Jennifer Garner and her dog star in a hilarious video reciting witchy rhymes for Halloween


It’s clear that Halloween is one of Jennifer Garner’s favorite holidays. The actress has posted a lot about Halloween. Her latest video features a cameo by her adorable dog and some cool special effects. 

Garner and dog dress up like ‘Three Little Ghostesses’

“Three little ghostesses, Sitting on postesses, Eating buttered toastesses, Greasing their fistesses, Up to their wristesses, Oh, what beastesses To make such feastesses! #HappyHalloween,”Garner captioned Garner’s video. 

The actress is seen in purple and black makeup. The actress turns her back to the camera and sits down in one her kitchen chairs. She is joined by Birdie and another Garner, both dressed as ghosts. Garner is wearing a worn-out white dress and matching hairstyle, while Birdie wears a torn pillowcase. 

Garner recites the poem she mentions in her caption. “Three Ghostesses,”M Ryan Taylor wrote the Halloween rhyme, and it then vanishes in a puff. Birdie disappears, and Garner in white rises to turn off the camera. The actress’ followers loved how much fun she had with her Halloween costumes. 

“You are ADORABLE,”One wrote. Another one laughed. “You’re so fun! I’m not sure your participant of the furry variety was quite satisfied with only toast.”Another person commented. “Birdie is such a good sport!!!”

One follower gushed, “If you look up Wholesome in the dictionary there’s a photo of you.”Another person laughed “Birdie is not amused.” This isn’t the only Halloween post Garner has made recently. 

Garner’s Halloween Posts

The actress also posted a video reflecting back on previous Halloween costumes, joking about how she doesn’t really go for “super flirty”There were many outfits to wear for this holiday. She shared videos and photos from Halloweens past, including a mailbox outfit and a witch costume. 

Garner addressed the crowd in another Instagram video, which she posted to Instagram. “When it comes to Halloween costumes, go funny over sexy. Why would you dress like a flirty nurse when you could be a mailbox?”Garner seems to be having a lot of fun with this holiday and her fans love all the looks at her Halloween costumes throughout October! 

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