Jennifer Garner Gets Engaged to John Miller, ‘Finally Found The One.’


Is it? Jennifer GarnerReady to tie the knot together with her CEO boyfriend John MillerWhat do you think? One tabloid reports that the couple, who are known for their on-and-off behavior, is ready to get married. Let’s take a closer look at the rumor.

Jennifer Garner ‘Blissed Out’Are You in a Relationship with John Miller?

This week Us Weekly reports Jennifer Garner is happier than she’s ever been, and she’s ready to take the next step in her relationship with John Miller. Garner may have been married twice before, but she’s never given up on finding “The One.” And now she’s sure that she wants to spend the rest of her life with Miller. “They are totally set on a long-term future together,”Insider information about the tabloid. Garner and Miller separated in 2020, after almost two years together. But it wasn’t too long before they reunited this spring, and now they’re more certain than ever about their relationship.

“It took a while for them to get this committed,”Insider’s explanation. “But [it’s now clear that] being with someone as down-to-earth and calm as John is exactly what Jen needs in a partner. Plus, she finds him incredibly sexy.” And while the couple prefers to keep their relationship as private as possible, they’ve been spotted on plenty of romantic getaways. “He’s rapidly turning into her soulmate,”The tipster muses. “It’s hard to remember Jen being this happy.”

Jennifer Garner And John Miller’s Relationship Is ‘Super Serious’?

We don’t doubt that Garner and Miller are happy together, but there’s no evidence to suggest an engagement is on the way. They are indeed in love. Could get engaged in the future; anything’s possible. But why would anyone else — especially a random tabloid — know about it if it hasn’t even happened yet? It’s obvious there was no story here at all and the magazine just wanted to speculate about Garner’s relationship.

And it’s hard to trust anything the tabloids say about Garner. In the spring of this year Okay! Garner reported that she was abandoning her love. Despite Garner being single, many tabloids reported that Garner was back with Ben Affleck, her ex-husband. Then came the National Enquirer Miller claimed that Garner won’t be back if he doesn’t give him a lot of nice gifts.

And since Ben Affleck rekindled his romance with Jennifer Lopez, there’s been a harsh spotlight on Garner. Not too long ago Life & Style Garner had warned Lopez about Affleck’s relationship with her, she claimed. Then came the Inquire claimed Garner was having a meltdown over the news that Affleck and Lopez were engaged — which, of course, they weren’t. Obviously, these magazines just can’t get it right when it comes to Garner, so we doubt Us Weekly It is no different.

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