Jennifer Garner is a loving and devoted woman with a rare foot condition


Jennifer GarnerHer charm and kindness are a magnet for fans. Before anyone thinks the 13 More Going on 30Although star is perfect, she has a rare condition in her feet that can only be seen by the most keen eyes. 

Jennifer Garner’s Secret Imperfection

Fans have flocked to Jennifer Garner over the years, not just because of her talent as an actress or because of the variety of delicious recipes she’s shared on Instagram, but because her genuine, down-to-earth personality is on clear display no matter what she’s doing. It’s rare to find someone who’s beautiful inside and out, but suffice to say Garner is one of those people. 

With her gorgeous chestnut hair and adorable dimples, it’s no wonder Garner easily landed the cover spot on People’s2019 Beautiful Issue. Garner has one small thing. “flaw,”If you can call it that. The Daily MailThe first to Find the tiny imperfections in 2013It did so with its usual lackluster and added dose of cruelty. 

The story was titled by the media website. “That looks painful! Jennifer Garner exposes unsightly toe in sandals as she runs errands in Brentwood”Paparazzi photos included Garner casually dressed in a long-sleeved t-shirt, green puffer vest and blue jeans. As the title suggests, it was Garner’s feet that garnered all the attention. 

Since she was wearing a pair of pink and white flip-flops, much different than her red carpet staples of stilettos and peep-toe heels, all of Garner’s toes were on full display. Of particular interest was Garner’s pinky toe, which crossed over her ring toe in a way that looks painful. 

Check Out This Photo Of Garner’s Toe

Though of course, we have no access to Garner’s medical records, we can assume she suffers from the condition known as “brachymetatarsia,”A rare, but not serious condition that mostly affects women born after 1980. Brachymetatarsia is a genetic condition that happens when the toe’s bone fails to properly develop or its growth plate closes prematurely Radiopaedia.

Despite the painful appearance of Garner’s toes, this condition isn’t always associated with either pain or discomfort. Toe lengthening exercises can be used to relieve pain and discomfort. Hopefully, Garner’s in the camp that doesn’t feel any pain. 

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