Jennifer Garner is rumored to have married her boyfriend after a reconciliation, according to a suspicious source


It is Jennifer GarnerAre you planning a backyard ceremony? Rumors swirl that she’s engaged to John Miller, but one report says she’s already married. Gossip CopThis is the true story.

‘Jen’s Down-Home I Do’s’

OK!’s cover story this week blows the lid off Garner’s secret backyard wedding. An Onlooker Says Garner and Miller “looked so in sync and relaxed together”During a New York City outing. Their chemistry is evident even from far, and they have been happily married for years. The wedding was inevitable.

The two got married in an intimate ceremony at Garner’s Los Angeles home, a source explains. “They both wanted it to be low-key but meaningful, and it turned out to be the most magical day ever,”The insider’s secrets. The couple had a pianist and flowers from all sorts. Insiders call it “The insider’s version”. “a simple yet classy affair and everything Jen and John wanted.”

Miller and Garner have both walked down the aisle together before. Garner, however, has no reservations. She’s even forgoing a prenup. “Jen trusts John with her life and vice versa… John is incredibly successful and wealthy in his own right, so there’s nothing for Jen to worry about in that area,”Insiders explain. They’re even thinking of having a baby.

It just keeps going on and on

There’s a shocking amount of detail in this story. In fact, it’s an unbelievable amount of detail. The so-called insider tried to hide its tracks by saying Garner & Miller wanted to keep the marriage secret for the thrill and secrecy. This only makes it seem less plausible.

Take into account the following: This intimate ceremony was performed by a couple who are keeping their relationship private. You can’t be in Garner’s inner-inner circle, privy to baby-making plans and the prenup, and talk to OK!.

If Garner actually got secretly married, you wouldn’t see a trusted wedding guest spilling the beans to a trashy outlet like this. Since 100 percent of this story relies on this insider’s testimony, the entire myth can be disregarded. It’s just tropey Garner-Miller fan fiction.

Jennifer Garner Is Still Engaged

This tabloid puts the horse before the cart here. Garner’s marital status is under a microscope right now. The jury is still out on whether or not she’s engaged. A mirrored-Zoom interview and ringless errands run suggest that she’s not, but no one from her camp is addressing the rumors. One thing is for sure: She’s definitely not already married.

Weddings That Didn’t Happen

OK! loves gushing over weddings that don’t happen. It’s promised a low-key backyard wedding (sound familiar?) Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reynolds numerous times. Leonardo DiCaprio still hasn’t married Camila Morrone as this tabloid promised he would. Kris Jenner hasn’t married Corey Gamble either.

Wedding magazines sell. It’s simple as that. It doesn’t even matter if the wedding happened or not. Garner’s not married, so this is false.

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