Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Furious After Being Supposedly Accused of Being in a Relationship with Ben Affleck ‘Tense’Anonymous Gossip Says


Dating app rumors have been ruined Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck’s post-engagement bliss? According to one tabloid the couple was tense at a recent outing. Let’s check in on the power couple.

Jennifer Lopez ‘Almost Called Off The Wedding’?

This week’s edition of Neue Idea Reports by Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck “unusually tense”when they stepped out to lunch last week. The tabloid’s inside sources reveal that Affleck and Lopez nearly “called off the wedding”Due to the recent salacious dating app rumors. Selling SunsetEmma Hernan, a star of Emma Hernan, recently admitted that she had briefly flirted with Affleck while using Raya’s dating app.

Of course, Raya quickly confirmed that Affleck hadn’t been an active user in years. Hernan quickly clarified that the incident occurred in 2019, well before Lopez and Affleck rekindled their relationship. But nonetheless, Lopez’s trust was apparently shaken. “Jen was badly triggered by this,”An insider is trustworthy

The tabloid recounts the cheating rumors about Affleck’s past relationships and insists that if Affleck were to leave Lopez, it would be over. “Jen’s gone rough it with many of her exes,”These are the best tipster recipes. “She has zero tolerance for cheaters.” And even though it turned out that Affleck didn’t do anything wrong, he’s working to get their relationship back to where it was. “It’s added a dull shine to their romance through no fault of his own,”The snitch whispers. “But he’s hoping it will make them stronger.”

J.Lo ‘Furious’Are there Cheating Rumors

This was all a huge misunderstanding, and we seriously doubt it left a mark on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship. Even though tabloids will flock to any rumours of cheating, this newspaper had to admit that the story was not true. Affleck contacted a woman via a dating app when he was single three years ago. The woman then decided to bring the matter up on a reality TV show last month. While no one particularly enjoys having the dirty laundry of their dating life aired out on TV, that’s all that this amounted to.

As for the couple’s “tense” outing, it’s possible that their expressions had something to do with the camera in their faces. Other Photos from the same event, Affleck and Lopez look directly at the photographer in annoyance; it’s pretty clear that they weren’t wanting to be photographed. Lopez and Affleck can be seen smiling in candid shots. The outlet tried to deceive its readers by showing only images that seemed to support its fragile story.

The Tabloid On Ben Affleck

We’ve learned to take Neue Idea‘s reporting on Ben Affleck with a heaping spoonful of salt. Last autumn, the outlet published a similar story claiming Affleck and Lopez were caught in a “tense argument.” Then the magazine claimed Affleck was furious that his ex-wife Jennifer Garner was engaged. Spoiler alert: She wasn’t even engaged. More recently, Garner and Affleck were reported by the outlet to have been caught in a “heated argument.” Obviously, Neue Idea There is no authority on Ben Affleck.

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