Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Skipped Ben Affleck’s Movie Premiere To Avoid Seeing One Of His Celebrity Friends, Gossip Says


Is it? Jennifer LopezAvoiding one Ben Affleck‘s co-stars? One tabloid claims Lopez isn’t a fan of one of Affleck’s closest friends. Let’s check in on how Lopez and Affleck are blending their social lives.

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez ‘At War’A Famous Couple with You?

The most recent edition of Woman’s Day reports Jennifer Lopez isn’t a fan of Ben Affleck’s buddy George Clooney. Clooney and Lopez starred alongside one another in the 1998 movie Out of sightSource: Silver Screen BeatsThe pair “famously did not get along.” Apparently, Lopez and Clooney’s personalities have always clashed, and now it’s causing problems in her relationship with Affleck.

“J.Lo thinks George is a bit of a snob, and deep down Ben thinks it’s strange since he and George are really quite similar men with similar backgrounds. That must have been one uncomfortable movie set back in the day!”An insider’s view. “It’s such a shame because Ben and George get along like a house on fire, and Ben had all sorts of visions of them double-dating with Amal and fashioning themselves into a sort of Hollywood power foursome.”

Sources say Lopez even skipped a red carpet event for Affleck and Clooney’s movie The Tender BarAll to avoid interfacing with the Ocean’s Eleven star. But the tipster explains that Amal Clooney might have something to do with Lopez’s disappearing act. “Ben can’t help but suspect that Jen is also a little intimidated by George’s wife, and it wouldn’t be the first time an actress feels insecure around Amal,”The snitch whispers.

Jennifer Lopez Skipping Red Carpet Events To Avoid George Clooney?

This story is incredibly weak. First, Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney starred together in a film over twenty years ago. It’s hard to believe that the pair “famously did not get along”When there seems to be one outlet saying it. But even if they really weren’t fond of each other then, we’re sure Lopez would be willing to give Clooney another chance over two decades later.

Lopez has also made it clear that Clooney is his favorite actor, regardless of how he feels about Lopez. Interview with GQ Where Clooney played his most iconic roles, he briefly gushed about Lopez’s role in Out of sight.

“Every actress in town read for that part, and part of it was that she had to be sexy, but you also had to believe that she could shoot you and kill you. And Jennifer had all of that. You know, you believe every minute when she picked up a gun, she might pull the trigger and blow your head off, and she was really good,”Clooney was a bit mused.

But we aren’t even sure if this tabloid believes Lopez and Clooney don’t like each other. The outlet soon shifted to discussing how Lopez is intimidated and manipulated by Amal Clooney. This theory was supported by even less evidence. We also find it difficult to believe Lopez is being intimidated by anyone.

The Tabloid: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Of course, we aren’t buying anything Woman’s Day Lopez and Affleck. The outlet reported that Affleck had been fighting with Jennifer Garner over Lopez. Then the magazine reported Lopez was jeopardizing Affleck’s sobriety. And more recently, the publication tried to convince readers that Affleck was jealous of Lopez’s co-star. Obviously, Woman’s Day isn’t the most reliable when it comes to Bennifer 2.0.

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