Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are a couple who want to have a baby.


Are you Jennifer Lopez Ben AffleckAre you planning to have another child soon? Lopez is reportedly keen to have another child soon. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Babies On The Brain’

According to Us WeeklyLopez is in love with Affleck so much that she would like to have his children. “Jennifer has always wanted another child,”A source claims that she did. Marc Anthony had twins in 2008 and she was married to her. Jennifer Garner has two children.

Affleck appears to be fully on board. “Ben’s in his element with Jennifer because she doesn’t try to change who he is,”According to the source. Lopez has “always thought her family would be with Ben,”Source concludes.

What’s Going On With J.Lo And Ben Affleck?

Jennifer Lopez is 52. It is highly unlikely that Jennifer Lopez would have a pregnancy at this age. Typically tabloids try to dance around age by throwing out surrogacy or adoption, but this thin story doesn’t even bother.

This story’s sources act as though they know Lopez’s thoughts and desires. This goes so far that Lopez may have even been able to see the source. “always thought” she’d be with Affleck, which is an incredibly reckless thing to say. It gives her away, along with her children and Anthony.

Anyway, only one person would know the thoughts in Lopez’s head: Jennifer Lopez. There’s no way an extremely close personal friend would betray her trust by talking to an outlet like this.

It’s worth noting that neither Affleck nor Lopez has ever had a kid outside of marriage, and she and Affleck are not engaged. With a thin and rushed baby story, the tabloid is trying to capitalize upon the excitement surrounding Bennifer. This is as basic a tabloid trope as it gets, so there’s no reason to take it seriously.

This story is, ironically enough. Woman’s DayRecently, it was claimed that Ben Affleck was living double life and was pretending that he was a completely different person around Lopez. According to this article, Affleck is able to be himself around Lopez. Tabloids usually copy one another to sound more legitimate, so it’s funny to see them contradict one another.

There are many baby stories

This isn’t the only story that Jennifer Lopez or Ben Affleck rush to get things done. August saw The National EnquirerLopez and Affleck wanted twins via surrogate, claimed Lopez. So, months have gone by without the birth of any additional children. Gossip CopIt was correct to refute that story. 

Affleck’s been linked to many more pregnancies that never amounted to anything, and so has Lopez as well. Her house would look more like an elementary school if she were to be pregnant for every tabloid that claimed so. Only time will tell if Lopez and Affleck decide to have children, but that won’t save this story from being bogus.

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