Jennifer Lopez Claims that Ben Affleck Demanded Jennifer Garner’s Wedding Before Jennifer Garner. Unverified Source:


Who is getting married first? Jennifer LopezOder Jennifer Garner? According to one report, GigliStar is obsessed with tieing the knot before Ben Affleck’s ex-wife. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Marry Me Now!’

According to In TouchLopez and Affleck have been together for years. They’re head over heels for one another, so Lopez wants to make their relationship permanent. An insider says, “Even though they only got back together about six months ago, Jennifer has waited 19 years to marry Ben, and the last thing she wants is the long engagement she had with Alex Rodriguez because looks how that turned out.”

If Lopez had it her way, she’d be married by Christmas. A huge motivation for her, besides love, is Garner’s engagement to John Miller. The HustlersStar “wants all the attention to be on her and Ben… and the wedding will be no different,”According to a source. It doesn’t matter that Garner and Lopez get along: Lopez will not allow anyone to steal her thunder.

What does Affleck think about all this? He just wants Lopez happy. “There’s nothing really standing in their way, so it’s likely he’ll cave to the pressure and propose,”A source concludes. “The last thing he wants to do is upset J. Lo.”

What’s Really Going On With Bennifer?

This story is false for several reasons. This is what it means. Gossip Cop has pointed out numerous times, Garner’s engagement is pure speculation. On Instagram Live, she wore a diamond engagement ring. However, it was probably on the wrong side. She hasn’t been spotted with the ring since and hasn’t confirmed any rumors.

Garner and Lopez are friends, so there’s no reason for Lopez to feel this competitive. They trick or treated. They were trick or treating.

This story is absurd, even if Garner is engaged. The insider notes that Lopez wants attention. “that’s been pretty obvious from all of their public displays of affection.” In TouchRefers to paparazzi photosThis is what I meant. Lopez and Affleck are known to have sex all the time, but Lopez doesn’t often post these photos on social media. It’s also cruel to call their romance is strictly a publicity stunt.

It’s true that Lopez was engaged to Rodriguez for a long time before they broke up. Same goes for her first romance with Affleck. She’s never rushed into a wedding, so it’s absurd to claim she wants to hurry up and get on the altar by Christmas. This story is flawed on many levels.

Other Lopez Myths

In TouchLopez allegedly dumped Rodriguez in 2019, years before she actually did. It also called their COVID-19 living arrangement “a” “house of horrors.” It obviously didn’t work out, but Lopez never subjected her children to a life of horror.

If you had any doubts about this story, look no further than this very tabloid’s June story announcing an Affleck and Lopez engagement. That was super false, so there’s no way Gossip CopIt is possible to put your trust in it immediately.

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