Jennifer Lopez Claims to Have Told Ben Affleck ‘No Excuses’It’s Over ‘Unacceptable’An Anonymous Source Says: Pre-Wedding Behavior


It is Jennifer LopezRebelled at the body Ben Affleck? A vicious rumor is circulating about Lopez that forces Affleck to get in form before they tie the knot. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Eat, Sleep, Gym, Repeat!’

According to StarLopez wants Affleck to be in good shape for their wedding. She’s apparently put him on a strict diet and workout regiment since he’s grown complacent with his appearance since the two started dating. A source says, “When they first started dating, Ben was up at 5 a.m., hitting the gym with J.Lo.”

The insider claims that Affleck cared deeply about maintaining his appearance in the early days. “He was a lot more conscious about looking like a guy who was worthy of dating Hollywood’s biggest glamour gal.”They say that eventually he lost all concern and returned to his old routines.

Affleck was rumored to have abandoned the gym altogether, and had been living on burgers and donuts prior to her intervention. According to the source, “J.Lo has told him this is unacceptable. She expects him to pick up the slack and wants him working out every day and eating right, no excuses.”

What’s Going On With Ben Affleck?

Don’t let Star fool you: there’s nothing of substance here. It’s just a run-of-the-mill story attacking Ben Affleck for his body. The GigliStar is a former Sexiest Man Alive. He played the most recent Batman movie.

This tabloid would have you believe that this is a new story because it mentions the wedding. This story is not new. It actually predates Bennifer 2.0. According to one outlet, Affleck was always at the gym to keep Ana de Armas occupied. Just because Jennifer Lopez is a known gym rat doesn’t mean she’s forcing Affleck to go on a diet.

Lopez and Affleck continue to be strong. Both are attractive. Cameras everywhere you go, so obviously they’re not on the verge of a split or anything. Lopez loves Affleck as he is and not because of what she thinks he should be.

This could be familiar

The exact same story was published by this outlet last year. StarAffleck said that Lopez was struggling to keep up at the gym with him. It was already busy reporting that Affleck was trying win back Jennifer Garner. Clearly, this tabloid has absolutely no idea what it’s talking about. Stories bashing Affleck’s figure are a dime a dozen. He’s healthy and happily dating Jennifer Lopez.

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