Jennifer Lopez, Dubious Insider, Says Jennifer Lopez Is Supposedly Ruining Ben Affleck’s Wedding, $1 Million Above Budget


It is Jennifer Lopez turning into a bad person? Lopez is turning into a bad person because of wedding planning. Ben AffleckYou are looking for a way to get out. Here’s what’s going on.

‘J.Lo’s The Ultimate Bridezilla!’

Per In TouchJennifer Lopez’s second wedding to Ben Affleck was a disaster. She “has turned into the bride from hell,”A source said. Everything apparently must be perfect for her final trip down the aisle, and it’s that perfectionism that is sullying what should be a happy time.

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“She’s going to extremes to have the ceremony of the century with Ben and is so determined for everything to be absolutely perfect that she’s become a bridezilla,”According to an insider, Lopez is allegedly even shunning her wedding planner because of a need to stay in control of even the faintest details—even the weight of the invitations was apparently a point of concern for her. She’s supposedly changed her mind on flowers dozens of times.

The source claims that guests will be expected to dress in luxury and not take their phones to Lopez’s event because Lopez would like to use all her footage for a magazine deal and TV commercial. According to the insider: “The wedding is already $1 million over budget.”

Is Jennifer Lopez Losing Her Mind?

As this story notes, Jennifer Lopez blames excessive media attention for her and Affleck’s split in the early noughties. The following is the GigliStars are determined to keep as much information as possible about the second shot at an Affleck Lopez wedding secret. Paradoxally, this allows tabloids to thrive because they can openly speculate about what is going on behind closed doors.

There are no publicly available wedding details surrounding Affleck and Lopez’s impending union, so this story is impossible to believe. It claims to have a few details such as the origin of the wedding orchids or the weight of the invitation. We don’t even know big details like location and a date, let alone how much the invites weigh.

A Note on ‘Bridezilla’

Evidently, this is not a news story. It is not a news story. In TouchLopez is to be labeled as sexist and used sexist language “bridezilla.”Tabloid covers are full of the term. Lopez joins Caitlyn Jenniferner, Meghan Markle and Jennifer Lawrence in being branded with this term.

Heck, this isn’t even the first time In TouchLopez has been called one. It claimed Lopez had forced Jennifer Garner to marry Lopez last year. That story was completely false. This story is completely false due to the impossible details, bad track records, and sexist rhetoric.

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