Jennifer Lopez Supposedly Terrified Ben Affleck’s About To Break Up With Her, Anonymous Insider Says


Are You Jennifer LopezAnd Ben AffleckPlaying with fire? According to one report, GigliStars have made it clear that they will either get married or divorce. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Marriage or Bust?’

According to OK!Affleck and Lopez are falling apart. They’re both too busy working on separate projects, so the romance is cooling off in a hurry. Lopez fears that Affleck might leave her and she needs him to speed up and propose to her.

Lopez “fears that he’s growing distant and has been pressuring him big time to pop the question,”An insider tells it. Affleck is enjoying his retirement, because he needs some time to breathe. A source says, “Jen has picked up on that vibe, and it’s freaking her out.”

Lopez is making it clear to Affleck that she’s only going to stick around if he makes a real commitment. A source close to the situation concludes: “She’s determined to have a happy ending this time around.”

What’s Going On With Ben Affleck?

One hundred percent of the evidence in this story comes from so-called insiders who probably don’t even exist. They sure have unparalleled insight into Lopez’s mind. It would be a great friend to trust with such sensitive information. They wouldn’t leak it to a tabloid. OK!.

Lopez and Affleck are in fact the same person. Distance is a challenge. It’s not nearly as lopsided as this story lets on. A source tells PeopleThe outlet is not as reputable as the. “They are incredibly happy when they are together,”But being apart can be difficult. They’re both making a point of flying across the world to see one another.

Affleck Visit herLopez flew from Texas to visit him while Lopez was in LA. It’s not easy, but they’re both obviously committed to one another. That ultimatum sounds more like something out of a bad romance movie than it does from real life.

Lopez and Affleck have never rushed to get married. Rushing to get married doesn’t sound like them at all. All of this is to be remembered. Gossip CopThis story is completely false.

Bogus Stories Abound

OK! is betting that Lopez and Affleck will break up, yet they’re still together. It was reported last week that Lopez was angry at Affleck for his poor training habits. Sexiest Man Alive was Affleck, who also played Batman. It is obvious that he knows how it feels to exercise. Gossip CopAlso, the tabloid’s story about Lopez marrying Alex Rodriguez in Mexico was exposed. That simply did not happen, and it crushes this tabloid’s reputation.