Jennifer Lopez weeps as she thanked Ben Affleck at the MTV Movie & TV Awards


Jennifer Lopez had to wipe away the tears as she accepted the MTV Movie & TV Award Generation Award in Santa Monica on Sunday evening

Jennifer Lopez cut an emotional figure as she took to the stage at the MTV Movie & TV Awards in California on Sunday.

The singer-turned-actress, 51, shed a few tears as she accepted the MTV Movie and TV Award Generation Award and gave a cute shoutout to hubby-to-be Ben Affleck.

After wiping away some tears, she ended her speech with a joke: “Ben and everyone at home, wait for me to have dinner – I will be home by 7!”

After Vanessa Hudgens had presented her the gong, she stepped aside and the audience watched a montage highlighting J-Lo’s iconic film roles over the years.

Jenny thanked Jenny as the clip ended. “all the wonderful people I have been blessed to work with”.

She continued: “You are only as good as the people you work with and if you are lucky they make you better.

“I am grateful to all the people who have given me this life, those who brought me joy and those who broke my heart.

“The ones who were true and the ones who lied to me. Thank you to disappointment and failure for teaching me to be strong, and to my children for teaching me to love.”

She continued, “As the Barker Hangar audience cheered her speech with great enthusiasm, she said: “I want to thank all the people who told me to my face and behind my back I couldn’t do this – I really don’t think I could have done this without you.”

The star then concluded her joke for Ben: “It is an honour to be able to connect with audiences and you guys, and because of you I will continue to do justice to that honour as long as I am around.

“We are so grateful. To Ben and all the other home-makers, please wait until I have dinner. I’ll be back by 7:15!”

The award wasn’t her first of the night as she’d previously been surprised with the golden popcorn trophy for Best Song.

She told the audience in her acceptance speech for that accolade for On My Way from her film Marry Me that she “This was not what I expected” but explained how the tune is “A very personal song”.

“It’s all about faith and belief at every stage of your journey.” she said. “Even though they may seem like mistakes, they are only steps on your yellow brick path. It makes me so happy to have touched your hearts.”

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