Jennifer Lopez’s Green Diamond Ring has Fans Stood


Jennifer Lopez was surprised by Ben Affleck’s proposal. Her engagement ring is stunning. Lopez announced the big news via her website. JLo In a business-savvy move, she also showed off her ring and newsletter. The ring is believed to be a green-diamond ring. Neither the couple nor their representatives have given any details as of press time. Steven Stone Jewellers’ Zack StoneTelled Silver Screen BeatsCould be worth 9-10 carats or more than $3,000,000

Bennifer’s supporters swooned at the new bling and applauded Affleck. Many also compared it with the couple’s original engagement ring, which was famously made of a pink-colored diamond. Others were equally amazed by the rare gem and wondered what the symbolism was behind Lopez’s putting such a rare stone on his finger. Scroll down to see what other fans think about the ring.

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“Is this really happening? I am very happy for Bennifer,”One fan Write. “A green ring! Jlo favorite colour. Thanks [Ben] for making her happy!”


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“[Ben Affleck] never ceases to amaze me,”A second person Tweet. “giving [Jennifer Lopez] the most perfect engagement ring …..symbolizing ‘the fresh start of a new life together.'”


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“My heart is literally exploding with joy and I have tears in my eyes,”A third fan Write. “I’m so happy to see this wonderful green ring this big and beautiful smile on your pretty face[heart emoji] You really deserve the best in the world [Jennifer] CONGRATULATIONS JEN [AND] BEN.”


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“Ben Affleck is so damn romantic I cant even lie,”A fourth fan Tweet. “I mean the same diamond ring but green? Congrats JLo.”


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“It’s not even that he spent this kind of money on a ring – it’s that he knows her well enough to buy her a ring that will represent *to her* how special their love is,”Another admirer also tweeted. “He knew that the rarity would be the thing that she loved.”