Jennifer Lopez’s intuition 7 years ago about Ben Affleck was astonishingly accurate 


Jennifer LopezAnd Ben AffleckThey have tied the knot. After their split in 2004, the stars are back together. It’s an interesting time to look back on their relationship and learn why they split up in the first place. Lopez’s explanation at the time was oddly prescient.

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez: A Love Story

Lopez and Affleck were two of the most prominent stars in 2001. Two of their roles were in Martin Brest. Gigli. Although the film was one of the most controversial in Hollywood history, Lopez and Affleck remained good friends. They became close friends and began dating in the next year.

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It was as if a tornado hit Affleck and Lopez’s lives. For three years, Lopez and Affleck were forbidden from going outside without flashing their cameras. In 2003, a wedding date was set. However, it was cancelled due to constant media attention. They split in 2004.

Why did they break up?

Fast forward to 2016. Affleck’s career had nearly ended before coming back stronger than ever thanks to Gone Baby Gone, The TownAnd Argo. In 2005, he married Jennifer Garner. Everything seemed perfect. Lopez married Marc Anthony soon after splitting from Affleck, but it wasn’t meant to be. They divorced in 2014. After she had sat down with Alex Rodriguez, she would soon start dating Alex Rodriguez. People.

Lopez was asked about the problems with Affleck. She largely blamed the spotlight. “We didn’t try to have a public relationship,” Lopez said. “We just happened to be together at the birth of the tabloids, and it was like ‘Oh my God.’ It was just a lot of pressure.”

Lopez made a strangely foreshadowing comment. “I think different time different thing, who knows what could’ve happened, but there was a genuine love there.”Tabloids were an entirely different animal in 2003. Affleck and she didn’t really know how to navigate them. Timing is everything.

Her Prediction was True

It was five years later that the timing finally worked. Lopez and Rodriguez split after a scandal involving cheating. Affleck helped her get back on track quickly. They navigated through the tabloids again with gusto. They didn’t pay them any attention. The Jersey GirlThe PDA can hold cameras.

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They were even more secretive this time. The couple didn’t inform the public about their wedding date, and they rushed to Las Vegas without telling anyone. Lopez and Affleck remained in love throughout their separation, and Lopez was absolutely right.

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