Jennifer Love Hewitt Excited by the Skill Her Children Teach Her


Fans now know exactly what Jennifer Love Hewitt did last summer. In an Instagram post, the 9-1-1Star and mother of three, she revealed that she enjoys spending time with her children, drawing, and coloring.

Hewitt’s Post: ‘I’ve Been Learning To Draw’

Hewitt posted a series of cute and creepy fall-themed drawings and sketches on Instagram, and in the caption, she revealed she hasn’t been doodling solo.

“One thing I never thought I could do was draw. I’ve always wanted to learn even to draw simple things. Well thanks to my kids and us finding silly things to do together. I’ve been learning to draw and having fun coloring. It’s so good for the soul. And a great way for us to spend time together. Thanks to @artforkidshub on YouTube kids! Go try it! Happy Saturday” 🧡

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Hewitt’s Love For Her Children

She was a mother to three children when she married her husband, November 2013.  The set of them met in the set. The Client List Soon after their nuptials, they had their first child, Autumn James. In June 2015, Atticus James was born. Hewitt was recently blessed with a son, Aidan James.

Although Hewitt has kept her private life since her children’s birth, she shared a glimpse of her daily life as a mom to them in an Instagram post from February 2018. In the photo, Atticus and Autumn’s hands are placed over hers. She added a touching caption to the photo.

“This is my happy place,” she captioned the photo. “These little hands reminding me to slow down, take a deep breath and remember what is truly important and that is creating joy, safety and deep love for my little humans every day.”

Postpartum Depression: The Struggle

Hewitt has always placed her family before her career. After giving birth to her third child last September, Hewitt left her role on FOX’s 9-1-1to go on maternity leave. Maddie Buckley’s character dealt with postpartum depression. Fans were stunned. Hewitt also spoke out about her struggles with postpartum depression.

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“I was really impressed and excited that the show decided to go very deep into postpartum depression,”In a promo video, she stated this ahead of the episode. “I think it’s super important. I definitely personally had my worst postpartum after this pregnancy, so to come back so soon after that and be able to give those real things to Maddie has been very cathartic for me and really nice to be able to represent that for all the women out there.”

Hewitt can be seen in season 6 9-1-1, Mondays at 8:15 p.m. ET on FOX

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