Jenny Slate leads a new family classic (Review).


Five minutes in Marcel the Shell and Shoes OnThe only thing that matters to you in this world is the existence of the titular shell. It’s a feature-length film that expands on Jenny Slate’s funny YouTube videos about an anthropomorphic turtle shell. It is a powerful and moving piece. It shows off its simplicity, while embracing clear themes that make Marcel and Connie two of the most relatable characters in movies this summer.

Marcel the Shell is not limited to three-minute YouTube videos. It’s possible to explore Marcel the Shell beyond those shorts. Camp, a fictionalized version himself, moves into an Airbnb to find Marcel (Slate), and Nanna Connie (Isabella Rossellini).There is a family of five living there. Camp, a filmmaker decides to document Marcel and Connie’s day until he discovers that Marcel had a whole family. Marcel lost touch with them after the house’s previous tenants split up, and one took them unknowingly.

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Camp began uploading clips from the film to YouTube in the meantime and are gradually getting more attention. Marcel wonders if his YouTube fame can help him locate his family. Camp reluctantly agrees. Slate, Camp, Nick Paley, Elisabeth Holm and their collaborators make one of the most insightful comments about social media culture. Marcel’s videos are well-received and get thousands of comments. But nothing that is helpful. People want to performative actions such as coming to Marcel’s house to show their support and get more likes. But they don’t actually do anything for Marcel’s search.

Marcel the Shell It is important to remind viewers of the classic Pixar movies, which managed to elicit a deep concern for and love for inanimate objects. We can all relate to Marcel’s love for his family. Even if we are alone in the dark theater, there is an immediate yearning for our families to be together after the show ends. It’s his deep love for Connie, however, that is the most heartbreaking. It seems strange that a story about shells is the most recent example of a young person who cares deeply about the fate of their grandparent in a time where so many people are not paying attention to them. Marcel is determined to find his family. But he shouldn’t sacrifice the one member of his family he does have.

It is animated beautifully and has great voice acting that brings Marcel and Connie alive. It’s amazing that Camp and Slate chose Isabella Rossellini for Connie. The part is well-suited to the legendary living legend’s warm and kind voice. Camp’s genuine and funny interactions with Marcel are a big part of the movie’s gist. The audience can’t be convinced Marcel and Connie are real if we don’t buy them.

Marcel the ShellThis movie is perfect for the moment. It is a critique of our social media-obsessed society and a story that sticks firmly in your heart. If you believe that a shell can wear shoes, and shed a tear, the movie can become a family favorite.

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