Jensen Ackles, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and ‘Supernatural’ star Jeffrey Dean Morgan reunite with Prequel Series stars


SupernaturalJensen Ackles stars and Jeffrey Dean Morgan star recently reunited with the cast of the new prequel series. The Winchesters. Morgan posted photos to Instagram on Tuesday from their meeting with Meg Donnelly, Drake Rodger. Morgan’s wife Hilarie Burton Morgan was also present. Morgan wrote in the caption of his post: “So, I was lucky enough to have dinner with the younger, cooler, and more handsome John Winchester.”

He continued, “Gotta say, I loved both [Drake Rodger] and [Meg Donnelly]. Talented, humble, funny, smart, very damn attractive. (Better be) The Supernatural world couldn’t be in better hands. These two know the world they’re walking into, care about it, and will do it more than justice. [The Winchesters] airs tonight and I can’t wait to see what [Jensen Ackles] and [Danneel Ackles] have cooked up. It’s not often that a show has so much love for it that it warrants another iteration… thanks to Jensen and [Jared Padalecki], the Winchester story is just starting… and I can’t wait. George either. That’s her in my arms so impressed with us all she decided to nap. The Winchesters. Tonight. CW. Big love. Xxjd oh… photos courtesy of the sneaky better half.”

The WinchestersThe CW’s Tuesday debut brought the CW’s first-ever live broadcast. SupernaturalFans are invited back to the world of monsters, otherworldly apparitions, and the place they have been missing since 2020. The prequel spinoff features Donnelly and Rodger playing young Mary Campbell, and John Winchester respectively, as the parents of Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester. They were played by Jared Padalecki in the original series and Ackles on the new series. The Winchesters This article will examine the history of the evil-slaying familial lineage and, hopefully, it will provide some answers. “recreate”The experience fans had while watching SupernaturalFor the first time. got a chance to talk with Rodger and Donnelly, before the premiere. Rodger was asked if the show would have accessibility for people who haven’t viewed it. SupernaturalRodger said that this was part the plan. The Winchesters. “We had an extensive conversation between Robbie [Thompson, co-executive producer] and Jensen when they were creating the show. They really wanted to have something that new and old fans alike would be able to appreciate,”He stated.

Rodger said, “Something with references and Easter eggs from Supernatural for the old fans. And then also bringing back old characters from the mothership and things like that, that the old fans will be able to appreciate, but also in a way where new fans will be able to understand and have to explain for them.” The Winchesters airs weekly on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET The CW.

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