‘Jeopardy!’ A Competitor Changed His Life Through 3rd-Place Winnings


The end is near. Jeopardy! The Second Chance Tournament is over. Two winners have advanced to the Tournament of Champions. Their inspiring stories have made a big splash. Here’s how Rowan Ward put their original Jeopardy! You can put your winnings to good uses.

Rowan Ward gets a second chance at life ‘Jeopardy!’

Rowan Ward won the competition last year Jeopardy!It was actually under a different name. The nonbinary trivia expert now shares how they came to be able to answer questions about their gender. Jeopardy! The winnings were life-changing. Ward originally competed in August 2021, but sadly wasn’t able to advance to the next broadcast. The Chicago native finished in a close race against Superchampion Matt Amodio. They then lost all their winnings to Final Jeopardy! bet.

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However, third-place Jeopardy! The $1,000 prize is still available to the winners. It may not seem like much but that extra money can make a huge difference. Ward was the first to openly admit how this money changed their lives. Ward was not known publicly as nonbinary at their original publication. Jeopardy! appearance. Ward competed under their deceased name in the August broadcast.

“Before going on Jeopardy!, I told my close friends to call me Rowan. I was under another name on the show, but I’m nonbinary. I wanted a name that fitted me,”Ward shared their story upon returning to the Jeopardy! stage. “So, what I did with the money was I used it to pay for my name change filing and now I’m back on Jeopardy! with a second chance as my true self.”

Ward Wipes Out the Competition

Names can be powerful! Ward entered the Second Chance Tournament confident and successful. Ward finished the semifinals with an amazing $36,800 and took home $37.799 in the finals in addition to the $35,000 grand prize. Yet, the excitement just doesn’t stop!

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Ward will move on to the Tournament of Champions. It began Monday. They will take on 7-game champion Courtney Shah, and 4th-place winner John Focht on Thursday November 3. Ward is the latest member to join the LGBT+ community Jeopardy! legend, along with last season’s record-setting Superchamps Amy Schneider and Mattea Roach.

If Ward performs as they did in the Second Chance Tournament, they’ll be set up for an impressive run in the Tournament of Champions. You never know! They might just win over Superchamp Matt Amadio, their original competitor!

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