Jeopardy! Champion Amy Schneider Marries Genevieve Davis


What is … an award-winning wedding announcement?

Jeopardy!Champion Amy SchneiderOn social media, she shared that she had tied the knot. Genevieve DavisMay 9, in a small, private wedding ceremony at the Alameda County Recorder of Oakland, Calif. The couple plans a traditional wedding and reception next summer. However, they couldn’t resist saying it. “I Do”To each other even earlier.

“Our lives have been much too busy this year to get very far in planning [the wedding],”Amy, the most successful woman in Jeopardy! history, captioned her Sept. 27 Instagram post. “And we couldn’t wait that long to proclaim our love and commitment to each other. Thank you, everyone for your support!”

In photos posted on social media, Amy gave an inside look of her special day, where she and Genevieve dressed in white gowns for the occasion and topped off their bridal attire with floral crowns and pearl jewelry. The couple glowed with joy as they shared a kiss and hugged each other. Take a look at their wedding photos Here.

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