‘Jeopardy!’ Champs Cris Pannullo and James Holzhauer Share the Same Hobby


Although regular Jeopardy! Although broadcasts are currently off-air, many fans still talk about Cris Pannullo, the defending champion. Pannullo, a New Jersey native, has won 11 games and is expected to win more when regular broadcasts resume. Pannullo is already being compared to one of the most well-known athletes in America. Jeopardy! There are many things they have in common with their fellow players, it turns out.

Just Like James Holzhauer?

Cris Pannullo’s impressive run of two weeks has been on Jeopardy! So far. Pannullo’s 11-game winning streak has brought him $356,702 in income. If he wins two more games, he’ll be tied with Matt Jackson for the 10th-longest win streak in Jeopardy! history. Not to mention, if he wins $54,298 more, he’ll take 10th place for most winnings in regular-season play (not including Jeopardy! tournaments).

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Pannullo is poised to be yet another, regardless of how you slice it. Jeopardy! legend. However, fans haven’t been able to stop comparing Pannullo to another legendary Jeopardy! champion: James Holzhauer. Pannullo, like Holzhauer has a long history of professional gambling. Holzhauer was a semiprofessional poker player in early aughts, before he switched to professional sports gambling. Pannullo, in a similar manner, admitted in his first hand that he had been a professional poker player for several years.

This is important because their shared pastime has characterized both of the champion’s gameplays so far. Pannullo, like Holzhauer, has been able maximize his winnings through placing high-risk bets. Holzhauer holds the record for highest lifetime earnings. Jeopardy! History at $2962,216

Holzhauer is a distant second to Ken Jennings when it comes to regular season wins. That’s beyond impressive considering his wining streak was only 32 games to Jennings’ 74. This means he won almost as much as Jennings in less than half the games—so he must really know how to gamble.

They do not all have the same thing

However, his history as a poker player isn’t the only thing Pannullo has in common with Holzhauer. Fans have noticed that Pannullo even carries himself like the legend—and it’s not just his steely poker face. Pannullo is standing at the podium, his arms crossed in front. According to Jeopardy! Strategists, this is your fastest way to buzz in.

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Fritz Holznagel was the first to write about this stance in his book The Buzzer’s SecretsHolzhauer highly praised the book, Strategy Book. We wouldn’t be surprised if Pannullo also perused the book in preparation for his Jeopardy! appearance. The future of Pannullo is yet to be determined, but it looks promising for the New Jersey native.

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