‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Accuse Contestant Of ‘Shrieking’ At Host


Fans Jeopardy! aren’t the kind to keep quiet when it comes to their opinions on the game show’s contestants, and one contestant in particular got them talking. Fans took to the internet after Nicole Wachtell, first contestant, from Los Angeles, complained about her. “loudness.” Some even went so far as to describe Wachell’s speaking voice as “shrieking.” 

A very enthusiastic first time contestant

On March 25, Ken Jennings hosted the show, taking over from his Jeopardy! co-host Mayim Bialik. He guided Nicole Wachtell and three other female contestants through the game on that day. While Wachtell didn’t walk away a Jeopardy! The champion of the day, she left an impression on viewers watching at home. Never known to bite their tongue when it comes to the show’s contestants, many took to Twitter and they all had essentially the same thing to say. 

Wachtell, whose job when she isn’t nailing answers on Jeopardy!Because she is a teacher, it makes sense that she would need some authority to control unruly students. It didn’t necessarily endear her to everyone watching the show, however. Hopefully the posts were made as a joke, but it’s interesting that so many people had the exact same reaction.

Twitter Reactions roll in

“I switched off my TV and can still hear Nicole,”One person has tweeted. “Nicole’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard,”Another wrote beside a gif showing a boy with his hands above his ears shouting “make it stop!”Another Twitter user said he would buy earplugs if Wachtell won. Another person joked with Wachtell and asked him to talk. “a little bit louder, I can barely hear you thanks”This was clearly a sarcastic blog post.  

Some Negative Nellies Are Not Always Positive

Not everyone was all that bothered by Wachtell’s voice, however. Personally, we don’t see where people who said she was “shrieking”Where they were coming. Was she a bit louder that her fellow contestants or the host, though? Yes. Perhaps it was her first experience with a microphone, and she wanted to ensure her answers were heard. 

As one Twitter user also pointed out, and we noted previously, Wachtell’s day job is as a teacher, so her slightly louder voice could be a reflection of her profession.

We don’t know whether Wachtell was aware of the amount of attention her voice has received. But it was obvious that Wachtell had a great time while on the long-running game program. “Huge thanks to @Jeopardy, its producers, its fans, and my fellow contestants for making last night happen,” Wachtell tweeted, adding, “My life also runs on podcasts, so I would be remiss if I didn’t thank @missinfopod, @MissedinHistory and @presidential_wp.” Now, that’s good sportsmanship!

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