‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Disagree on a Change in Buzzer Work


There have been many changes. Jeopardy! Fans of the game show have suggested a new version in recent years. Reddit started a discussion among gamers. Jeopardy! If you have any suggestions for how to make the buzzer contestants be more fair, please let us know. 

How do you? ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Buzz In?

Jeopardy! While they are playing the quiz game, the contestants can make use of a buzzer. The host first reads the clue. After the host finishes reading the clue, a crewmember presses a button which lights up the sideboard. This lets the contestants know their buzzers are “armed’ and ready to ring. 

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Contestants who answer the clues first get the chance to answer the question. However, if a contestant attempts to buzz in before the clue has been read in full, their buzzer signal is locked for a quarter of a second—a significant chunk of time when it comes to the lightning-fast rounds of the game show. 

One Reddit User’s Plan For A New Buzzer System

This might seem fair for contestants to answer, but it is not. Jeopardy!’s questions, some have argued that the system isn’t fair for players who have trouble getting the hang of the buzzers, or just simply aren’t as quick as other players. 

Reddit user Their proposal was acceptedFor contestants to buzz in, there is a better way. “The question will be read in full, but players can signal that they want to answer during the period when the question is read. Once the question is done being read, and the lights come on as before, anyone who has signaled while the question was being read has an even chance of being called on.” 

Others disagree: ‘I’m Okay With Returning Champions Having A Slight Edge’

This plan was not liked by many. “Allowing a computer to randomly select which of two players buzzed in simultaneously as the one to answer first seems like a complaint waiting to be filed,”One person wrote. 

“Just like home court advantage in sports, I’m okay with returning champions having a slight edge,”Another person said it. “Also everyone gets a practice game at the podiums before they play for real, so it’s not like anyone truly comes in cold. I see buzzing in as part of the game personally.”

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There is no official plan for the Jeopardy! Showrunners were open to changing the buzzer system but most contestants are happy with how they buzz in right now. 

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