‘Jeopardy’ Rumor Claims Mayim Bialik Supposedly ‘Steaming’ Over Ken Jennings Hosting Decision


Is it? Mayim BialikInsanely upset over the Jeopardy! Hosting update According to a new report, Bialik doesn’t want to keep sharing the spotlight with Ken Jennings. Let’s see how the Big Bang Theory An alum handles the news.

‘Fireworks Looming’What happens after the Host Decision is made?

This week, Globe reports Mayim Bialik wasn’t happy about Jeopardy! producer’s recent decision to permanently split hosting duties between her and former game-show champ Ken Jennings. Bialik apparently was desperate for sole hosting role, and this was devastating. “She was really kissing up to everyone on the set, bringing them cupcakes and other homemade goodies, ingratiating herself to the bosses and crew like Mrs. Congeniality, but it backfired and she’s pissed off,”An insider charge

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“She’s grumbled to a few people she’s always going to feel like Jen’s always there, always meddling.” Apparently, producers gave in to pressure from fans to make Jennings’ hosting gig permanent, and now the brainiac is feeling vindicated. “Ken has the fans’ support and most fans don’t seem to like Mayim no matter how hard she tried to sway them,”A tipster divulges, insisting on the two hosts “just don’t get along.”

Mayim Bialik is Disappointed ‘Jeopardy!’?

This is an interesting story that can be difficult to respond to. First, Bialik has made it clear that she would love to host. Jeopardy! full-time. This is a bittersweet development. She’s received the validation that producers do indeed want her on the show while she’s also quietly being ushered out of daily duties. And yet, we just can’t buy the magazine’s narrative that she’s “seething”At a decision that many fans saw coming from a distance.

Bialik has never given any indication that she dislikes Jennings, and it isn’t like she had everything riding on this gig. Bialik, a mother, actress, director and literal neuroscientist, is always extremely busy with many different projects. Bialik stars in the sitcom but has to take a break to film it. Call me Kat, hosts her own podcast, and is breaking in the director’s chair with the Showtime film They made us.. This is far from a devastating loss for Bialik, and it’s offensive to suggest she’s handling the news with anything other than grace.

Learn More ‘Jeopardy!’Bogus From The Tabloid

We can’t say we were surprised by this story since it’s coming from the Globe. The outlet claimed that it was a few months ago Jeopardy! Producers warned Bialik she was at risk of losing her job to Jennings. According to the magazine, producers begged Jennings for help in saving Bialik’s show. Just last week, the magazine reported that Bialik was refusing Jennings’ takeover of the show. Given the rag’s shady history on this matter, we can’t trust it anywhere the beloved game show is concerned.

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