‘Jeopardy!’ Super Champ Mattea Rach gets her very own hometown beer


If you didn’t catch the last season of Jeopardy!, then you’re missing out on some record-setting streaks. Last season, Mattea Rach, a Canadian tutor achieved the fifth-longest winning streak. Jeopardy! History was made when Roach won a record 23 consecutive games. Now, a brewery in Roach’s hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, is honoring Roach in a special way.

Introduce the ‘Who Is Mattea Roach?’Session IPA

On October 26, Jeopardy! 24 years old, super champion Mattea Rosach. If that sounds a bit young for one of the most successful names in game show history, you’d be right. Roach is the youngest Jeopardy! super champion in the show’s history, and she holds the fifth-longest win streak on record. This means that her name will remain in Jeopardy!Record books will be around for many years.

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So, to celebrate her special day and her monumental achievements, a local brewery in Roach’s hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, has created a brew in her honor. On Wednesday, Big Spruce Brewery openedThe “Who Is Mattea Roach?”Session IPA. The canned version includes an illustrated roach at Jeopardy! podium, displaying her total winnings during her time on the show—$560,938 to be exact.

The brewery explained. In an Instagram post, “Whaddya do when your hometown hero is on your fave TV show? You make a beer in her honour.”The same post states that the organic brew is “an aromatic & hop-forward (but ABV shy!) session IPA, bursting with notes of tangerine and pink grapefruit, a sly little selection to sip while cheering wildly for the bestest most greatest smarty-pants to grace the small screen.”

The ‘Tournament Of Champions’What’s New in November?

While Roach’s streak came to an end last season, she’s slated to return to the podium in just a few weeks for the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. The quarterfinals will be aired Monday, October 31, with Ryan Long, Super Champion, taking the first slot. Roach will not compete with Amy Schneider and Matt Amodio in the quarterfinals. Instead, Roach will automatically move to the semifinals.

It’s clear that plenty of people (and businesses!) from Roach’s hometown will be rooting for her once she returns to the Jeopardy! stage. You might also need to order a Canada-based product. “Who Is Mattea Roach?”Get an IPA to sip while Roach tests her trivia skills!

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