Jeremy Kyle guests reveal their most incredible transformations


Jeremy Kyle was more than a television show. It brought justice and answers to the public by using its trusted lie detector to hold sinners responsible.

In fact, the ITV daytime favourite went to extraordinary lengths to amaze and astound with incredible transformations – prior to the programme being swiftly taken off-air three years ago on May 10 2019.

The Jeremy Kyle Show is responsible for some of most dramatic lifestyle and glam transformations ever seen.

Silver Screen Beat has gone deep to bring back some of the most dramatic transformations from the show.


Michelle continued to stay off of the drugs and took to her platform to celebrate one year of being clean
Michelle kept her drug-free lifestyle intact and used her platform to celebrate a year clean.

Michelle spent two decades of her life addicted to drugs, often spending £120 a day just to feed her habit.

Michelle sought out Jeremy’s help in 2019 after April had branded Michelle a traitor. “thief”Later, he forbade her from attending the funeral of their grandfather.

After completing a 10-week rehab program, she returned to the show looking completely rejuvenated.

She stated that she was a “senior citizen” at the time. “I’m doing great. I love waking up every morning. I’ve got something to wake up for.”

Michelle was living proof of a happy ending. She took TikTok one year later to show off her rejuvenated skin and sleek bob as she beams with pride.

She wrote: “Today a year ago, I came to Luton on the Jeremy Kyle show, to rehab, I’m gonna be a year clean on the 1/12/09.”


Gemma was offered a £10,000 dental makeover after she had been viciously trolled following her appearance on the ITV favourite
Gemma was offered a £10,000 dental makeover after she had been viciously trolled following her appearance on the ITV favourite

Gemma was first seen on our screens when she appeared in a Jeremy Kyle Show titled, “Stop harassing me because I’m sleeping with your ex.”

She was having an affair with a former partner, and was being harassed about it. So she turned to Jezza for help.

Gemma was a quick internet sensation, but not for the right reasons, after her appearance on the show.

Online trolls harassed her and she received constant abuse for her prominent front teeth.

As a goodwill gesture, ITV bosses invited Gemma back to the show in 2015 and offered to foot the bill for her dentistry treatment, splashing out a cool £10,000.

Gemma once again took center stage. She showed off her shiny new veneers, and looked radically different.

Gemma, showing off her smile, told Jeremy “It’s changed my life. I can look in the mirror now and not worry about anything.

“”I’m a completely different person now.”


Jonathan was 30 stone when he first took to the stage but left fans speechless with his dramatic transformation
Jonathan was 30 stone at his first performance on the stage, but his dramatic transformation left people speechless.

Jonathan was just about to crash when his mum Sue begged Jeremy to help him after his weight spiralled out of control.

Jonathan, a 30 stone-weight man, was unable work and spent his time eating unhealthy foods like pot noodles on toast and takeaways.

Due to his size, he was unable to live a normal life and became riddled with anxiety and suffered from depression – that was until he decided to seek help from Jeremy’s team in 2017.

Later, he was sent to a bootcamp military-style to jump start his new lifestyle.

Jonathan was put through his paces after he was put on a strict diet and invited back to show off his results.

After losing the weight, the audience gasped when he looked sharp in a stylish suit.

He stated that: “It’s been a real tough thing, but I persevered.

“My third week I thought I couldn’t do it anymore, but I continued, for my son and my family, and to prove anyone wrong who believed I was bad.


Dad-to-be Lukas looked totally revamped after returning from a lengthy rehab stint
After a long rehab stay, dad-to-be Lukas looked completely transformed

Another amazing transformation was the soon-to be dad Lukas. He was completely dependent on heroin and confessed to Jeremy that he used the drug when he was pregnant. “function”Every day.

He decided that the only thing he had was to win over his girlfriend, who gave him a hard ultimatum to improve his life or she would take their child with her.

After appealing for help, Lukas was placed on a six-week long recovery program.

After his success at the Providence Project in Bournemouth he returned to his home, full of praises for all those who helped him along his recovery journey.

Jeremy was unable to believe his transformation and gasped. “Oh my god, you look amazing!”


Paul's mum Irene begged Jeremy to save her son and the results were mind blowing
Paul’s mom Irene begged Jeremy and the results were incredible

Paul appeared on the show for the first time in 2014. His mum Irene had asked for Jeremy to intervene as she was at an impasse.

His cocaine addiction had begun to affect the entire family after Paul had stolen £1800 from his mum’s work to feed his habit, with Irene being fired as a result.

After the dad got tattooed, things spiralled out of control. “cut his finger off to get into hospital”.

After Paul’s appearance, Jeremy quickly sent Paul to a residential rehabilitation centre in Leicester.

Paul, looking happier and healthier than ever, returned to the stage beaming like a new man.

Irene, his tearful mother, exclaimed: “It’s the best thing that has ever happened. He’s himself again. He’ll never go back.

“It is the best thing in the world. You gave my son back.”

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