Jeremy Renner addresses Sonni Pacheco’s abuse allegations


Jeremy Renner denied the claims Sonni Pacheco made that he abused his ex-wife in a new interview. Men’s health. They split almost seven years ago. The actress, 30, and the couple, were embroiled in a custody dispute over their daughter Ava. AvengersStar of abusing her. 

Speaking about the situation in court with his ex, Renner, 50, without going into detail. “I don’t respond publicly or privately to nonsense,”He told the story Men’s health. “It only empowers it. … If you respond to it, you give it gas. I don’t fuel s– fires. I just don’t do it. I refuse to.”

The Oscar nominee The Wingman After less than a year of marriage, the star split in December 2014. Their divorce was finalized in 2015. Pacheco claimed Renner threatened her and his wife the year before, and that Renner had also threatened to kill them. The divorce was finalized in 2015. Pacheco issued a statement in March 2020 slamming Renner after he requested to lower child support payments because of what he claimed were earnings affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

“It is very disheartening that, in a time of global crisis, there is yet another attempt to reduce funds I rely on to provide for our child,”She said it at the time. Later that year, she said the following: Mayor of KingstownStarPacheco was accused by Pacheco, who claimed that she had stolen more than $50,000 from her daughter’s trust funds to use for herself.

Pacheco dismissed the claims at the time and told Us Weekly, “I am sick of being continually bullied, having my name slandered, and the truth muted. Anyone who is a parent knows that the most important thing in the world is their child’s health and safety. Over the years, it’s hard to fathom what I’ve seen and what people have told me they’ve seen in regards to Jeremy’s disturbing actions while our child is in his care.”