Jerry O’Connell Jokingly Shades Lamar Odom’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Chances With Khloe Kardashian Comparison


 The Talk‘s cohost Jerry O’Connell is a Celebrity Big Brother superfan, and during Friday, Feb. 18’s episode, he spoke to host Julie Chen Moonves about who he thinks has a shot at winning in the current house. Contestant Lamar Odom has been a fan-favorite over the course of the season, and the former Laker has made it clear that he has regrets over how his relationship with his ex Khloe Kardashian ended up. “I think he has a better chance at winning Big Brother than [reconciling with Khloé], according to social media,” O’Connell quipped. “I would like to see Lamar win it, but that is a real long shot at this point.”

“I’m a little worried about him [being on the block] tonight,” O’Connell continued, noting that Odom hasn’t won a challenge yet on the show. “I love Lammy, I just got to say I love Lammy.”

“It’s funny, watching the show is, you know, as he describes [himself as] someone who has regrets, and I hate to see someone who has regrets, so I was really pulling for him,” O’Connell observed. “I’m really pulling for him in this house. I think it would be great for him if he won this whole thing, it would really propel him into a new stage.”

While he is a d-list celebrity himself, O’Connell admitted that he loves watching Celebrity Big Brother. “I’ve been watching since the beginning, but I take a particular liking to Celebrity Big Brother because — I’m not that famous — but I am a celebrity, a self-described celebrity and I know half the people in this house,” the Sliders actor revealed. “I’ve seen every Todrick [Hall] show, Carson [Kressley] is incredible. I mean, I met Todd Bridges, I’ve met all of them. And Celebrity Big Brother to me, because unscripted or reality television is so popular, you know [like] Cynthia Bailey, these people are experts at unscripted television so it’s literally like an all-star game in there.”

O’Connell even entertained the idea of competing in the next season. “Listen, I’m here, let’s make it happen. … Where do I sign?”

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