Jerry O’Connell, ‘The Talk’ host, addresses Sharon Osbourne’s exile (Exclusive).


Sharon Osbourne was officially resigned by Jerry O’Connell on July 31st The Talk. Osbourne quit the show earlier in the year after she defended Piers Morgan’s controversial comments on Meghan Markle’s interview for Oprah Winfrey. recently spoke to Osbourne about his new movie. All Pups AloneO’Connell shared his thoughts about his time at the University of California, Berkeley. The TalkHe hasn’t said if he’s in touch with Osbourne or not. 

O’Connell stated that he had been in touch with Osbourne since her departure and that he assumed her place on his panel. He said that O’Connell had sent an email to her and that she responded. He said, however, that they would keep their conversation private. O’Connell continued to reflect on his tenure over the past few months. The TalkIt is said that it is not a “transition period,”It’s still so much fun. 


“I love it. It’s funny. It’s a transition period. You’re working with all new people. It’s a new job,”O’Connell made the comments while simultaneously discussing All Pups AloneThe movie will debut in theaters Nov. 19, and will also be available for streaming on Nov. 23. “Even the dumb things, like where am I parking? And like, how do I get there? And what’s the best way to drive there in the morning and where do I get my coffee? And who else am I getting coffee for in the office? And how early should I get there? How late am I staying?” 

He continued by stating that he was still working on the project. The Talk He found it an interesting experience and a great learning opportunity, considering he’s never experienced a set before. “day job”So to speak. “I was thinking today, I’ve never had a day job, where you go to the same place every day because I’m an actor,” O’Connell explained. “So, you go to different locations or you go to different sets. Sometimes you go back to the studio, but it’s different every day. And this is like, we go to the same place and put a show on every day. It’s just interesting. It’s all-new for me.”As it is all-new to him The TalkO’Connell currently hosts a panel that includes O’Connell and Amanda Kloots as well as Natalie Morales and Akbar Gbaja Biamila. O’Connell promises you’ll have an amazing time, even though some viewers might be nervous about the changes. “fun”Every hour of television is the same. 

“We have a new panel up there. It’s a new group of hosts. We’re having fun,”He said. “It’s a fun hour of TV. We’re really starting to gel. We were really goofing around with each other on the show … It was a really funny banter. It’s going to be a fun hour of TV, and we’re just getting started.”

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