Jerry Seinfeld’s Wife Allegedly Furious With His ‘Out-Of-Control’Habit, Unverified Rumor Claims


Are you Jerry SeinfeldAnd Jessica Seinfeld at their wits’ end? One report states that SeinfeldStar is known for his irritability and he has some very bad habits. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Seinfeld’s Hoarding Crowds Out Wife!’

The report is from National EnquirerSeinfeld claims that he is an out-of control hoarder who is straining his marriage. He’s apparently up to over 150 cars and 500 pairs of sneakers, not to mention his watches and other luxury items. A source says, “When he likes something, he wants to buy it in multiples.”

This wouldn’t be a problem, but according to the insider, the Seinfeld mansions are now nearly full. “Their homes in New York City and the Hamptons are filled to capacity with all this stuff and Jessica wants him to start unloading. They’ve argued about this for years, but now it’s constant bickering.”Jerry is not able to stop his collection habits and is driving Jessica insane.

Jerry Seinfeld is a good guy for it

SeinfeldRe-runs can be extremely lucrative. Some sites put Jerry’s net worth close to $950 million. He’s made 15 percent of all Seinfeld royalties, so he’s got more money than anyone could hope to spend. With that in mind, Gossip Cop just doesn’t buy this story.

It’s true that Jerry has an extensive sneaker and car collection. He is able to afford a large garage and has done so. He owns a $1.4million house. Garage beneath ManhattanHe built the house in 2002. It’s also silly to think that Jessica could stumble over Porsche’s in her home.

Interview with the New York TimesJerry was asked about the reputation of his company. Being a neat freak. This is a fact that his response debunks. Get in touch story: “I’m not a germaphobe. I’m more about organized behavior routines. Yes, I do put my toothpaste on the same spot all the time. I’m not O.C.D., but I love routine.”It seems like everything has a place in the Seinfeld house. This hoarding story sounds hollow.

Too much marital strife

You’d be hard-pressed to think of a more generic tabloid story than that of a struggling marriage. Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld seem to be doing well. They took a new job. Vacation to St. BartsThey were all smiles.

The eyes of the Get in touchEvery marriage is ending soon. Reese Witherspoon (Meghan Markle), and Tom Selleck (Tom Selleck) all had their marriages challenged. They are all happily married. In this particular case, considering Jerry’s reputation for neatness, the drama is just comically false.

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