‘Jersey Shore’: Snooki Takes on Mom-Shamers


Snooki has had enough! The Jersey Shore cast member spent a recent weekend morning going off on some viewers who decided to mom-shame her. Several haters came for Snooki (real name Nicole Polizzi) due to her drinking on recent episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. We won’t read off their attacks, but they had Snooki fired up. She rightfully pointed out that what MTV cameras capture is only a small part of her life. 

“You see me on an episode of a reality show for 30 minutes of me on vacation,” Snooki, 34, said. “You don’t see me not drinking, being a kickass, boss mom to my children 24/7 of my life. I truly beg to differ on your statement. My kids are thriving and love their mawma. Freak.”

She added, “You know nothing of my household. Stop obsessing and go have some Messy Mawma wine on this lovely Saturday fox.”

In reply to one person who questioned why she even wastes time addressing hateful comments, the Dancing With the Stars alum tweeted, “Because my kids are truly my life and I’m a sober mom to them at home and do everything in my power to be the best mom to them. It’s rude. Mom shaming at its finest from judgey annoying ass people.”

She added, “I’m not commuting a crime. They know how amazing i am at home and how much i love them. If they see me falling down [and] having a good time on tv, i highly doubt they’re going to disown me and judge me like the rest of you.”

Snooki, who was one of the original Jersey Shore cast members back when it launches in 2009, even went as far as to challenge one of the mom-shamers. “Would you like to come over and stay a week to be a fly on the wall to make sure my children are safe since you’re so concerned?”

Still fired up, the reality TV personality also explained why her behavior is sometimes different from other Jersey Shore Family Vacation personalities. According to Snooki, some co-stars stay sober since their kids are often along on these filming trips. Her children are not brought along for these trips. “They bring their children on these vacations and go back to them at night,” Snooki wrote, referring to her co-stars. “I can’t bring mine due to their sports and school obligations [and] refuse to take them out of it. So i don’t have children in my room to fo back to, hence why im the only mom that is raging. let me live.”

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