Jessica Alba Allegedly On Brink Of ‘Billion-Dollar’ Divorce After Being Seen Without Wedding Ring, Rumor Claims


Are Jessica Alba and Cash Warren headed for divorce? One tabloid claims the couple has been struggling for a while now, and their issues are finally coming to a head. Here’s the latest gossip about Alba and her film-producer hubby.

Jessica Alba And Cash Warren ‘On The Brink’?

The latest edition of Star reports Jessica Alba and Cash Warren have reached a breaking point in their marriage. “Jessica and Cash have grown apart,” an insider reveals. “They don’t make time for each other and Cash feels neglected.” And when Alba attended an LA Rams game last month without her wedding ring, whispers of divorce got louder. “The fact that Jessica has stopped wearing her ring in public shows how far they have come from their happy times,” the tipster notes.

And Alba has done little to dissuade the rumors. The actress admitted on a podcast last summer that keeping her and Warren’s spark alive was hard work as they juggled careers and family life. And sources say their issues have only worsened. “Their lives became busier and Cash sometimes feels like an afterthought in Jessica’s life,” the tipster confides. “Date nights are a thing of the past.”

What’s Going On With Jessica Alba, Cash Warren?

While we can’t say for sure if Alba and Warren are struggling or not, we aren’t quite buying this story either. First of all, we doubt Jessica Alba was sending a message by attending the Rams game without Cash Warren. The outlet failed to mention that Alba attended the event with her parents, so it wasn’t like she was shopping around for a new husband. It’s true that her missing wedding ring raised some eyebrows, but a single ringless outing doesn’t automatically mean her marriage is in trouble.

Furthermore, Alba’s comments on Katherine Schwarzenegger’s podcast about her and Warren’s marriage were simply meant to show that no couple is perfect. The tabloid completely neglected to mention all the ways Alba and Warren were working to keep their spark alive. “It’s a life journey,” Alba said of her marriage. “And if you’re both every day deciding to do it, it’s gonna work out, regardless of the drama, regardless of anything that happens. If you’re both like, ‘I want to figure this out,’ nothing can really break that.”

Besides, Alba and Warren certainly looked like they were doing fine last month when she announced they had adopted two new puppies.

More Gossip From The Tabloid

But it isn’t surprising Star would publish such a misleading report about the couple. Last summer the outlet claimed Jessica Alba’s marriage was in “crisis mode” after going through a rough patch. The tabloid also alleged Reese Witherspoon was about to split from her husband after stepping out without her wedding ring. Since neither of these stories turned out to be true, we’re hesitant to take this latest gab from Star seriously.

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