Jessica Alba’s Husband Was Allegedly Furious Over Her Bond With A Male Co-Star, Source Says


Was Cash Warren jealous of Jessica Alba‘s close relationship with one of her co-stars? According to one tabloid, Warren was “seeing red” over his wife’s friendship with a famous actor. Let’s check up on the Honest founder’s marriage.

Cash Warren Warns ‘Hands Off Jess’?

Last fall, Woman’s Day reported trouble in paradise for Jessica Alba and her husband of thirteen years, Cash Warren. Apparently, after Alba started production on a series of tourism ads for Dubai, Warren never quite warmed up to Alba’s co-star, Zac Efron. Sources say Warren didn’t like to see his wife getting so close with the actor, and matters only worsened when the 17 Again star expressed his admiration for Alba in an Instagram post.

In the caption, Efron wrote, “The actual moment I fell in love with @jessicaalba in Dubai.” Of course, many took it as just a joke, but sources say that Warren wasn’t laughing. “You don’t say that about someone else’s wife, joking, play-acting, or whatever,” a tipster confides. “He was not OK with it.”

Alba Having ‘Too Much Fun’ With Zac Efron?

Cash Warren was never worried about Jessica Alba and Zac Efron. First of all, Alba is a professional actress, and she’s had plenty of on-screen romances since meeting Warren in 2005. Not to mention, Warren himself is a film producer, so we just don’t see him freaking out over Alba getting along with her co-star. In fact, we’re sure he was happy that Alba became friends with Efron since that definitely makes the job easier.

But even if that wasn’t the case, Efron’s Instagram post was clearly a joke. And not only was Efron joking, but it was very obviously in the spirit of promoting their project. In the very same caption, Efron went on to tag @visitdubai with other hashtags related to the ad he and Alba starred in. No one in their right mind would take this as genuine flirting between Efron and Alba, and this tabloid is the only one up in arms over the post.

The Tabloid On Jessica Alba

But it’s no surprise that Woman’s Day would miss the mark on a Jessica Alba story. Back in 2020, the outlet reported Alba and Warren were fighting over everything and headed for a divorce. Then the magazine claimed the couple was planning to have another child to celebrate Alba’s company reaching the billion-dollar mark. And just last summer, the publication alleged Alba and Warren’s marriage was in “crisis mode.” Clearly, Woman’s Day isn’t the most reliable source when it comes to Alba’s marriage.

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