Jessica Biel Supposedly Leading a Separate Life from Justin Timberlake ‘Trust Issues,’Dubious Reports


Are You Jessica BielAnd Justin Timberlake separating? Another report states that the two are still in a difficult place due to lack of trust. Gossip Cop investigates.

Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake ‘Taking Time Apart’

Per OK!, Biel’s career is taking off and Timberlake isn’t happy about it. After years of putting her career on hold, Biel’s new Hulu series CandyIt is making waves. Timberlake is now required to look after the children. A source says, “Jessica is busy with Candy, and Justin’s been on daddy day-care duty at their place in Montana… he is not thrilled about it.”

Timberlake apparently has become a victim of what appeared to be a great idea in restoring balance in their marriage. According to the source: “It’s putting major strain on their relationship because he’s just not handling the stress well.” Timberlake cannot fill Biel’s shoes at home, the insider explains, and making matters worse is the fact that this rough patch comes on the heels of the singer’s fidelity issues. In 2019, he was caught holding Alisha Wainwright’s hand, for which he’s apologized. “It’s fair to say that Jessica isn’t completely past what happened,”The snitch claims. They conclude that they are living separate lives.

What’s Going On With Jessica Biel?

It’s past time for this tabloid to let the Alisha Wainwright incident go. This happened before the pandemic and Timberlake and Biel have had another child. It is evident that almost every story about them feels the need for conflict to include it. They’re still together, living together, and raising a family.

Yes, Biel stars in the miniseries CandyThis outlet is creating some buzz but it completely misrepresents her professional career. She’s never stopped working. A quick look at her IMDB shows she’s starred in at least one movie or television series every year for decades. Timberlake isn’t the only one who hasn’t put her career on hold.

Timberlake’s and Biel’s performances are as good as ever. For Biel’s birthday, Timberlake wrote in an Instagram Story, “You make it all look good. I love you and I celebrate you every day.” It’s tough to read this and think they’re on the verge of a split.

What about their alleged divorce?

February OK!Biel and Timberlake announced they were divorcing for $250 million. They didn’t. It also created a curfew to keep Timberlake in line. There’s no such proof such a thing exists. Gossip Cop also busted its story about Biel continuing to fuss over Justin Timberlake’s cheating issues.

All of these stories specifically mentioned Wainwright and all focused on trust issues. This is nothing new from a lazy tabloid, and it’s best to move along.

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