Jessica Simpson and Alicia Silverstone promote ‘Emface Needleless Filter’ To Smoothen Wrinkles. But what exactly is Emface?


There have never been so many skincare treatments and influencers talking about them. Alicia Silverstone, Jessica Simpson and Alicia Silverstone join the discussion. You can see what they had to share about Emface, an anti-wrinkle technology.

Silverstone CluesThe Skincare Routine of the Popular Model is Revealed to Her Fans

You can bet your socks that Cher Horowitz would have been an influential figure if social media existed in the mid-90s. Alicia Silverstone starred in the role of Horowitz, in the 1995 classic. Clueless.The movie opens with a sequence of young, fresh-faced teenagers living in Beverly Hills. Silverstone then breaks the fourth wall. “So ok, you’re probably going, is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?”

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It is only natural that Silverstone shares her current skincare routine with her fans, more than 25 years after the film’s debut. The actress is known for living cleanly and has been hailed as the “The Cleanest Woman in Hollywood”. “completely natural” Emface treatment—a new facial treatment that incorporates radiofrequency and electromagnetic stimulation to lift both skin and muscle.

‘It’s Like Going To A Gym For Your Face’

The 46-year old actress shared her experience on Instagram and shared it with her followers. “I decided to try an all-natural @emface treatment for the first time!,”In the caption, she wrote. “I’m so curious to see my end results after the recommended protocol of four treatments!”

The treatment involves the use of an electric current to stimulate skin and muscles. “It’s like going to a gym for your face,”Silverstone stated this to viewers. “Like a 20-minute face workout.”Silverstone can be heard laughing throughout the procedure and gave his honest account to fans. “You guys, I’ve just experienced this weirdness but it’s great,”She laughed.

‘I Have Been Kissed By Emface’

Jessica Simpson also shared her Emface experience. Silverstone also shared the treatment video with her Instagram followers. “Getting kissed by @emface and can’t wait to see my results!”She captioned her post. “It tickles,”Simpson laughed while the currents massaged her skin.

There’s a reason celebrities are turning to the buzzy technology for results. Emface claims it can reduce wrinkles and increase lift in as little as 20 minutes. This non-invasive procedure requires no downtime and recovery. The results can last up to four weeks. Both stars shared their stories with fans, but only time will tell if they were successful.

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