Jessica Simpson claims to be worrying about her fans with an estimated 90 lb weight, sketchy source claims


It is Jessica SimpsonHer recent post is causing alarm among her fans. According to one tabloid the fashion mogul looks dangerously thin. Here’s what we know about Simpson’s new look.

Jessica Simpson Goes ‘Too Far’What is the Her Diet?

This week In Touch reports Jessica Simpson isn’t looking like herself. The designer shared a mirror selfie to Instagram. Concerned comments flood in. “OMG, is that her? What happened?”One user made a comment. Another fan commented that Simpson looked like an a. “skeleton”. But, of course, Simpson’s weight loss journey has been an open secret for a while now. The model “tipped the scales”After giving birth to her baby girl in 2019, she was weighing in at 240 lbs. She then worked hard to lose 100 lbs over the years.

Sources say her new look is far from being fit. The personal trainer Harley Pasternak handled all the detailsIn the past, Simpson shared his story about how he helped him lose baby weight. Simpson had previously used a holistic approach, which included setting step goals and reducing screen times. “but now she may have gone too far,”A tipper attests. Sources report that the actress is dangerously overweight at 90 pounds. “Not only are fans worried, but her loved ones are also concerned,”The snitch ends.

Friends and Fans ‘Fear’ For Jessica Simpson?

There’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, no one can tell much about a person’s health from a fully-clothed mirror selfie. While some of the users may have had their hearts in the right place, we wouldn’t count their comments as genuine evidence for anything. We’re even more skeptical of the outlet’s claims that Jessica Simpson’s friends and family are concerned. We’re certain this disreputable tabloid isn’t speaking to anyone close to the designer, and it only ever intended to insult her.

But, if we’re taking a cursory glance at Simpson’s physique, it’s safe to say she’s doing just fine. Simpson’s recent photos from her daughter’s birthday party make it pretty clear that she’s looking great and isn’t a “skeleton”.

The Tabloids On Jessica Simpson’s Appearance

Jessica Simpson has been a victim to offensive speculation about her body for years. In 2018, she was still in the news. In Touch, the very same tabloid that published this insulting story, claimed her husband threatened to leave Simpson because she wouldn’t go on a diet. Simpson was also criticized for getting some cosmetic surgery done. The National Enquirer Even claimed that Simpson was asking her husband to stop changing her facial features. Obviously, the tabloids don’t have any kind words for Simpson, and fans should just ignore offensive stories like these.

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