Jessica Simpson highlights water safety concern after fans call out unsafe boat behavior 


Jessica SimpsonHer family celebrated Fourth of July by having a great day at the lake and posting lots of photos on Instagram. However, fans were quick to point out a potential safety concern for Simpson’s youngest daughter. 

Fans show concern over the missing jacket

“The lake life,” Simpson captioned a series of pictures of herself, her husband Eric Johnson, and their three kids—Maxwell, 10, Ace, 9, and Birdie, 3—enjoying a day on the boat. Simpson was praised by some for not including an item in the photos that many loved. 

“Just asking please don’t think I’m b*tching but why don’t you have a life jacket on your youngest?”One fan was asked. “I have grown up since I was about 4 on the water and it seems a lot of people don’t. It is law and for the safety of children, i get on to my own friends for the safety of their children also.”

Another author wrote “Your little ones needs a life jacket.” Maxwell and Ace were both pictured wearing life jackets, getting ready to jump into the water, so it’s likely Simpson and Johnson only put the life jackets on the kids when they were swimming. 

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No matter how skilled a swimmer they may be, young children must always wear life jackets when they’re on the water. However, everyone makes mistakes—even parents. There’s no reason for people to pile onto Simpson for this. 

More Criticisms ‘Birdies A Little Old For A Binkie’

The life jacket wasn’t the only issue people had with what Birdie was doing while on the boat. “Birdies a little old for a binkie don’t you think,”Someone commented on a photo of the 3-year old holding a pacifier in its mouth. 

Others wrote words like “Binkie?”And “Is that a pacifier!?????”Simpson’s fans were sympathized with by some. “Your kids are so cute,”Someone commented. “so many judgy comments about Birdie’s paci, I know the struggle. My youngest was so hard to break from hers & then she switched to her thumb.”

Parenting is tough enough without hundreds of people weighing in on what you’re doing right or wrong. Simpson and Johnson are doing their best, and it’s clear from their social media posts that they have a happy and loving family. Simpson will be forgiven by the hate-mongers in the near future.

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