Jessica Simpson Writes Empowering Message To Herself On Her Birthday


Many people fear their birthdays and becoming one year older. Jessica Simpson doesn’t seem to be one of those people! Recently, the star shared an inspiring Instagram photo to celebrate her 42nd birthday. 

Simpson: ‘I Am Humbled And Honored To Finally Be My Own Best Friend’

“Oh lil Mrs 42 look at you leanin’ into the moonbeams to recharge and radiate a purposeful glowing heart,”Simpson captioned the glamorous photo of herself wearing a black dress and posing outdoors under the moon.

“I am very proud of my faith, resilience and strength over the last 4 decades,”She went on. “Everything in my life that has or hasn’t happened yet makes turning 42 very exciting because I know what it takes personally to remain inside of DETERMINED PATIENCE.”

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She concluded that “I know myself and I do love her very much. I know my purpose and I must say that ladies and gents I am equipped to waltz within every dream I own confidently. I am humbled and honored to finally be my own best friend. Ok 42 time to Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

Fan Reactions ‘You Are An Inspirational Light’

The comments section was quickly filled by friends and followers who wished her a happy birthday as well their appreciation for the inspiring message she sent. “forties = FREEDOM,”One person was a unanimous agreement. “you look incredible!!!”

“Happy birthday—you are an inspirational light,”Someone commented. One wrote: “I love this, Jessica. Happy 42. Thank you for the music and sharing your story over the years.”One fan was added “Self-confidence, a beautiful trait, Jessica, this is very important for each of us…….”

Recent Family Fun in Texas

Simpson shared more than just her long birthday post. She also shared insider looks through her Instagram stories. The actress shared videos and photos of her blowing out the candles for her birthday cake. She also posted photos and videos of her celebrations with Eric Johnson, Tina Simpson, and Joe Simpson, her parents. 

This wasn’t the only big celebration Simpson took part in this summer. She also shared photos from her family’s Fourth of July weekend on Lake Austin in Texas. “We asked the kids where they wanted to go for their summer trip and out of everywhere, they chose Texas to be with their cousins,” She captioned a trip report. “It was a sentimental and nostalgic blast of a week.”Simpson seems to have a lot of things to celebrate, from holiday fun to birthday parties.

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