Jessica Simpson’s Husband Allegedly Threatening Divorce Over Her Changing Face, Plastic Surgeries, Unverified Report Claims


Are you Jessica SimpsonAnd Eric Johnson facing a divorce? One report says the former NFL tight end has given Simpson an ultimatum: The plastic surgery stops or he’s gone. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Jessica Tells Hubby To Kiss Off’

According to the National EnquirerSimpson prioritizes fillers and injections more than her marriage. Simpson, or “reality ditz”Johnson, as she is called by the tabloid, is obsessed with her looks. Johnson is beyond frustrated.

“Eric has tried talking sense into her countless times with regards to her Botox and fillers obsession,”A source said, “but she shoots him down and keeps going back for more.” The two have had this exact argument for years now and it’s wreaking havoc on the family, the insider adds. 

The NewlywedsStar is allegedly being too controlling According to the source, “Jessica calls the shots now more than ever… but even if Eric is unhappy in the marriage, it’s highly unlikely he’ll walk—and she knows it.”

Getting Work Done, No Word On Marriage

What is the secret to success? Get in touchSo tempting is the use of facts. It’s true that Jessica Simpson has gotten work done. Her latest Instagram photo made a poor impression on her followers. One simple statement: “NO!”When another writer writes, “Her face looks super thin, I hope she’s ok.”

It’s possible to call her unrecognizable without being completely wrong. The tabloid uses this information to suggest that her marriage has gone south. It’s a gentle leap, but it’s one into total speculation.

There’s no sign that Simpson’s marriage is in any immediate danger. Apart from some dubious sources, there is no evidence that the outlet can provide to support its controlling narrative. Johnson’s Instagram is loaded with photos of Simpson, and hers is dotted with kind messages as well.

Aside from the fact that Simpson was insulted in the story, it is also worth noting that Simpson used words like “reality ditz”And “barbie doll,” it’s safe to throw integrity out the window. It’s safe to say that integrity is dead. Get in touchI felt like attacking Simpson. “insecurity.”This is cruel and completely unnecessary. Simpson’s fillers don’t inherently reveal anything about her marriage.

There’s History Here

This outlet published an absurd story in 2017 about Simpson being sent on a trip to a fat farm. This story is enough to prove the truth. Get in touchJournalism is more important to him than insults. Gossip CopLater, it was discredited as claiming that Simpson was encouraging Johnson to lose weight. We are not sure why the tabloid constantly judges the size of these two.

Johnson was deemed too scruffy by the court in July. Simpson married a bearded, and he still is a bearded. It’s got no insight into their marriage, so you should disregard what it has to say.

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