Jessica Simpson’s Inner Circle Worried About Her Weight Loss, Diet Pill Use?


One thing the tabloids are known for is scrutinizing celebrities’ weight and body transformations, and Jessica SimpsonThis is not something that Simpson is unfamiliar with. Last year, one outlet alleged Simpson was starting to get addicted to diet pills and had become “obsessed”Her weight. Today Gossip Cop is looking back to check if Simpson’s family should still be concerned for her health. 

Was Jessica Simpson Addicted To Dieting Pills?

One year ago, the National Enquirer claimed Jessica Simpson’s friends worried the “bony blond”Possible addiction to diet pills. According to a source close to the singer, Simpson’s friends were “worried”Die diet pills would “escalate into a big issue.”Simpson was also believed to be concerned about Simpson’s sobriety. “Those who know Jessica also know how hard it was for her to off them before,”An insider was leaked. 

Simpson apparently had “become obsessed about her weight”And looked “even skinnier in person.” One source even described Simpson as “SCARY skinny.” Simpson’s family and friends were worried she’d enter a downward spiral because of the supposed obsession. “Jessica’s been open about her addictions in the past, and now she may be facing another one,”The insider concluded. 

Is Jessica Simpson Okay?

This was not the only story that this reporter told. National EnquirerIt was not only completely absurd, but also insensitive to Simpson’s body-shaming. We’ve seen by now that no matter what Simpson’s weight is, this outlet throws her under the bus. Simpson was not the only one. “scary skinny”As the supposed “insider”At the time. If you take Take a quick glance at her InstagramYou can see Simpson is looking quite healthy these day. She posted a 2017 photo that she celebrated her health achievements and her journey to recovery. Simpson Closing with a powerful statementThis is: “I have made nice with the fears and I have accepted the parts of my life that are just sad. I own my personal power with soulful courage. I am wildly honest and comfortably open. I am free.”

The rumor that Simpson was addicted to diet pills is also false. At the time of the original rumor Gossip CopWe reached out to Simpson’s rep, who confirmed that the story was false. While it’s true Simpson lost a considerable amount of weight a couple of years ago, she didn’t do it with diet pills and obsession. Overall, the magazine didn’t get a single part of this story correct and appeared to be trashing Jessica Simpson for no apparent reason. 

Jessica Simpson: Ruthless Tabloid Coverage

This story wasn’t the first time the National Enquirer used Simpson’s history with addiction against her. Last year, during the pandemics, so-called “insiders”Simpson said that he was “struggling”To avoid using drugs or alcohol. Evidently, the singer was “on the edge”Due to coronavirus lockdown restrictions. Again, this was an example of the tabloid trashing Simpson for no reason, with zero proof of the claims whatsoever.