Jesy Nelson branded ‘f***ing ho’ in unprovoked argument over scarf accident


After a row over a piece of clothing at a fancy restaurant, Jesy Nelson was verbally assaulted by a furious woman.

The former Little Mix star, aged 30, had just started a night at the glamorous club. Chiltern FirehouseAccording to a report, she was in London with her friends when they accidentally sat on a scarf belonging to another girl. The Mirror.

Jesy was confronted by her owner. Some claim she reacted by fighting back with the girl in an ‘war of words’, but close friends of the singer deny that she did so.

Silver Screen Beat was told by an onlooker: “A girl came up to them, kicking off about her scarf.

“They had just sat there, not realizing. Although it was awkward, things settled down quickly.”

The verbal clash reportedly began after Jesy and her friends accidentally sat on a woman's scarf at a posh London venue
According to reports, the verbal dispute began when Jesy and her friends accidentally placed their scarfs on top of a woman’s at a chic London venue.

However, this calm seemed to be temporary she stated. The aggrieved lady then started shouting at Jesy and calling her a sexist. “f**king ho”.

The incident was quickly resolved “escalated”This results in “lots of shouting”From within their booth.

The witness said: “They had only been in the venue for ten minutes but it put a major dampener on the night.”

Once the situation had died down, Jesy apologised to staff at the Chiltern Firehouse.

Jesy's team said the incident was an example of the 'nonstop abuse' faced by the singer
Jesy’s staff said that the incident was a prime example of the singer’s alleged ‘nonstop abuse.

Jesy’s team member described the incident, saying that it was an example of the constant’ hate singer faces. “Jesy is the victim of nonstop abuse whether it’s online or outside.”

“This girl verbally attacked Jesy who remained calm as she was enjoying a night out with friends. She was understandably shaken up by the whole thing. Jesy then apologised to the owner on the girls behalf and continues to be welcomed back at Chiltern Firehouse”.

“Jesy has even done documentaries on her experience of being targeted and this is just one more experience she has to deal with. It is relentless at the moment.”

The artist photographed herself cuddling up with Lucien Laviscount, an actor who was photographing her solo. It led to speculation that Lucien is Emily In Paris’ new boyfriend.

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