Jesy Nelson’s team deny claims that debut album is being delayed amid controversy


Jesy Nelson’s team has denied claims that her debut album has been delayed because of the backlash to her debut single.

Following the release of Boyz’s music clip, the 30-year old singer came under fire from fans. Blackfishing is when someone pretends to be black or mixed-race to their own benefit.

According to a source, recent reports have suggested that her debut album might be delayed until 2022. The MirrorThe album was not actually due for release this year.

They said: “To claim that an album would be released after one single release is literally laughable and obviously was never part of the plan.

Jesy's team have denied reports her debut album has been delayed
Jesy’s team has denied that her debut album was delayed.

“Jesy is still in the studio recording new music and a second single is in the works. Anybody working in the music industry knows that an album would never follow one single release.

“Jesy has been subject to severe trolling over the past couple of weeks and has kept a dignified silence despite the vindictive swipes against her.”

Although Polydor’s official spokesperson stated: “An album was never planned for Jesy Nelson in 2021 and therefore these claims are untrue.”

The singer left Little Mix almost one year ago
The singer left Little Mix just over a year ago

It was in response to an insider’s claims. Silver Screen BeatsThey said: “There was lots of excitement that the album would be ready in time for Christmas. Jesy spent months in the studio at the top of the year after leaving Little Mix and had loads of songs ready to go.

“But the rollout for Boyz took a long time and the team and Jesy don’t want to release an album after only putting out one single. The hope now is that a full collection will follow next year.”

Jesy's sister came to her defence earlier this week
Jesy’s sister came out to her defense earlier this week

“Jesy was still working on new music as recently as last month, when she was in Los Angeles. She just wants it to be the best it can be.”

It comes after Jesy’s sister hit out at the singer’s critics on Instagram, labelling them “bullies”.

She wrote: “When bullies deliberately, and under-handedly set out to hurt someone they never expect to get caught.

“They try to get others to do it.

“However, when they are exposed for and the victim simply stands up for themselves the bully quickly tries to turn the tables to make the victim take the blame. That’s what bullies do.”

Coming to the support of her sister, Jade continued: “I was taught not to be intimidated and to speak up when I am wronged.

“My sister was targeted and bullied throughout her career.

“Is this what you want? All media, media, and everyone else, please, stop. You know her heart, her authenticity and her total acceptance and uncritical nature.”

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